How to Add Original Audio To Instagram Reels


Since promoting Lille on Instagram at the end of 2022, we’ve only received positive feedback from influencers and brands around the world. Launched as a rival to TikTok, users can upload short creative videos with engaging transitions. You can use other users’ audio / music to create videos or record your own videos. If you choose the latter, especially thanks to you, it will keep the original sound.

What does the original sound of the reel mean?

Often, music tracks are streamed directly from media files to reels to audio,but if you want to add your own audio, you’ll need to record the original audio directly into your video. The sound recorded on film will eventually become the original soundtrack. The recorded video will be displayed as “original audio”.

To add the original audio to your Instagram camera roll:

Step 1: Open your Instagram camera and select the spin wheel.

Step 2: Record the video while playing your voice in the background until the time limit (15 seconds or 30 seconds) is reached. Here you will see a clip bar at the top of the screen.

Many! I made a role with my own voice.

How to add music and sounds to Instagram videos

Step 1– Record the video with the built-in video recorder or use a third party recorder.

Step 2 – After recording the video, you can easily add the music you need using the video editor app.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I get Instagram reels?

Available on iOS and Android platforms in over 50 countries.

Can I add my music to my role?

Yes, you can add your own music to the drum kit.


Add the original sound to your Instagram reels to audio as follows: After completing the registration part, you can post your Instagram role to your profile or story. It will appear in the new reels to audio tab of the profile. You can also add text and stickers to your videos to make them look more attractive.