How to Activate HBL SMS Alerts?


Nowadays, for a thousand things that one wants to do, there are a hundred ways to do it; This opens up a myriad of options to choose from enabling the end user to do literally magic. In the first phase of digitization it was the developer who could create something out of nothing through coding but in this Rapid-Information age, particularly the users get to enjoy the fruits of development like digital banking completely and freely.

One needs access to their bank details instantly when required because such is the demand of the functioning world presently. Currently, there are many banking apps functioning in Pakistan but not all of them are cutting edge and ready for modern day user requirements. Habib Bank Limited’s (HBL) banking application is hands down, one of the best because it never goes down, has a multitude of features always ready and is compatible with all legal devices.

What are SMS alerts?

SMS alerts are short message service alerts that are either sent in bulk or as in one to one conversation for the purpose of either promotion, information delivery, or hazard alerts. Now SMS alerts might come from a single source, a multitude of sources, a computer generated mechanism, or from a carrier.

What are SMS alerts in banking?

SMS alerts in banking are types of promotional and informational messages, particularly alerts that are sent out to the user the moment any activity is performed on his/her bank account. SMS alerts in banking constitute an important service and are an integral part of the facility package that the bank promises to the user.

What is the importance of timely HBL SMS alerts?

When one is looking to get timely updates about whether a transaction has been completed or not, one is waiting for the confirmation of salary deposited, or when one wants to just instantly find out if there has been any unauthorized activity on his/her account, HBL SMS alerts are the way to go.

The account for which SMS alerts have been turned on will ultimately stay more secure, updated, and fool proof. Subsequently, the account holder gets to enjoy freedom of choice, safety and most of all peace of mind – something that everyone is looking for currently.  

How to activate HBL SMS alerts?

As for SMS alerts, these can be activated by either logging into the HBL mobile application on the phone or through the HBL web portal or by calling at 021-111-111-425. The procedure is simple and if you need any help, there are customer service representatives waiting to help the users anywhere anytime. In such an era where knowledge is indispensable to making right decisions, Digital banking is a necessity and therefore should be activated at once.