How The Salesforce Health Cloud Has Changed The Healthcare Industry


The Salesforce Health Cloud is an exciting IT customer relationship management (CRM) system that helps to streamline the relationship between patients and their doctors, helping healthcare institutions provide better, more personalized care. The system was designed by Salesforce developer teams to make healthcare information readily available for everyone. While there are other health-focused IT CRMs, this article will dive into the reasons why the Salesforce Health Cloud could change the healthcare industry forever.

Salesforce’s greatest achievements have to do with utilizing data to its fullest potential. Health Cloud’s advanced data analytics give healthcare institutions and their doctors a superior resource to provide excellent service on a personal scale. One of the biggest advantages it provides is taking the data from electronic medical records and combining it with the data gleaned from medical devices to provide recommendations. With gadgets such as wearable ECG monitors, your doctor can get a clearer picture of your overall health faster than ever before. This data can help patients and their care teams catch ailments before they become bigger problems. Should those bigger problems happen, the data is crucial in developing a plan for treatment.

Another important aspect of Salesforce’s Health Cloud is the collaboration that is inherent in the system. Modern healthcare has never been more complex and one of the most frustrating problems within these systems is often connecting two or more different departments. Salesforce developer teams have built intelligent care collaboration into the Health Cloud. Now, separate care teams can host secure virtual meetings between different members of the entire caregiver network. This can reduce lag time in things like consultations between doctors, getting lab results, and getting your prescription to the pharmacy.

A natural extension of the collaboration between doctors and other medical staff is the increased access for patients. Through the Salesforce Health Cloud, patients can fill out forms in advance of their visits. This saves time on the intake process and gives their health team a head start. Patients can also view care plans, test results and prescriptions. The Health Cloud’s main mission is to support an increasingly engaged patient base.

The Salesforce developer teams also built the Health Cloud to be open and seamless. The goal is to be able to get new members into the system as quickly as possible with minimal delays. The configuration of the platform allows for virtually anyone from anywhere to be assigned to a doctor in short order. Once in the system, the patient can seamlessly access their care team.

Salesforce’s internal data has suggested that 71% of millennials want to be able to access their healthcare information through an app. The Salesforce Health Cloud has accounted for this desire in the platform. In the future, managing healthcare will be more increasingly accessed through a mobile app or web platform. The Health Cloud is only one application of the Salesforce software, but it may be the one application that has the most benefit for everyone. Many developers who have worked in the Health Cloud platform say it is the most satisfying project they’ve ever worked on as a Salesforce developer. The Health Cloud is a clear example of how tech could be used for the betterment of society.

Source: Six Consulting.