How the Current State Of Affairs Is Influencing the DME Billing Process?


With the current crisis looming all around the globe, healthcare practices are not only dealing with an unprecedented crisis, but they are also dealing with reimbursement challenges for their HME/DME billing and other medical billing specializations. With so much demand, today’s healthcare providers are experiencing billing and coding problems, as well as limitations of:

  • Staff
  • Space
  • Supplies

All of this has a detrimental influence on patient outcomes. Furthermore, the increase in unemployment rates creates additional billing, coding, and documentation issues than usual.

Though the prosperity of healthcare practices has not been as strong as in the past, the financial condition of healthcare providers is going to change dramatically when you have the proper operational extension on your side. These RCM outsourced operational extensions facilitate a seamless HME/DME billing operation while also assisting you with effective revenue generation and minimized billing and coding errors.

Following are the benefits of utilizing an operational extension for your HME/DME billing process:

Reduced Operating costs

Choosing operational extension to handle your DME billing services is a cost-effective solution because it lowers extra overhead costs, training costs, software charges, and so on. Thus, allowing you to focus on other critical operational areas and in technology instead of wasting money.

Providing complete operational transparency

Outsourcing provides healthcare providers with a comprehensive image of their DME billing and coding process. Primarily through frequent reports that highlight crucial areas, allowing them to concentrate more on their main work of patient care.

Reduced Rate of Denials

Operational extension in denial management ensures cautious attention, reducing invoicing and coding errors. In reality, they have a dedicated team of experts to guarantee that each step is followed, including thorough checks and timely submission.

Claim follow-up optimization

The most important factor to consider when picking an operational extension for your DME billing is that you want to boost your collection rate. With their constant follow-up and successful adjudication on the first submission, they can provide consistent income collection through speedier payment operating extension.

What makes Sunknowledge the finest DME Billing Destination in such crucial times?

Healthcare providers have been further complicated by rising healthcare costs and growing pay for billers and coders, as well as the current economic crisis. Sunknowledge is like a savior to those who are in the business of Healthcare practices and even for those who need home healthcare.

Our specialists try to minimize days in accounts receivable by implementing stringent controls with productive and successful information exchange across divisions and payers. Also guaranteeing that essential data is accurately seized in each step of the process and direct doctor office follow up.

We guarantee robust, tailored reporting to our clients. Even assuring complete transparency in the DME billing process by submitting cleaner and timely DME billing claims by our professionals, which is more than just clicking a button.

Maintaining a constant assessment and achieving a 99.9% average accuracy, we streamline denials management procedures, lowering your possibilities of errors throughout the billing and coding process. Charging as low as $7 per hour or 1.9% of the collection, Sunknowledge Services Inc is an RCM destination that provides an efficient and effective workflow for better billing operations.

The key take away

An operational extension like Sunknowledge today, at this period of crisis, is the key to a fluid HME/DME billing process and effective cash flow. It assists you with enhanced and streamlined DME billing procedures.