How Technology Helps Bring Creative Ideas To Life: A Brief Study


Technology is a product of creativity. Think about it; every groundbreaking & revolutionary technology ever invented resulted from exceptional hard work, determined dedication and unbridled creativity. From the first computer to the Internet, smartphones & the various apps we use, creativity is at the heart of every technology that powers society forward. From machine learning algorithms powering search engines & content delivery systems to electronic circuits powering supercomputers, it is the creative acumen of brilliant minds that led to the creation of such potent technologies.

Things come full circle with technology now playing an instrumental role in aiding creative & innovative minds bring their ideas to fruition. From helping professional academic writers deliver quality online Java assignment help to visual & computer graphics development applications that help VFX designers create unique designs, technology and creativity share a mutually beneficial relationship.

Technology is akin to a disruptive force that pushes boundaries, forces adaptation and drives innovation & progress. Creativity and technology share an intricate relationship as each enhances the other in different ways.

This article explores the different ways how technology helps bring creative ideas to life.

How Technology Augments Creativity

Web developers, software engineers, writers, architects, and engineers- any profession that requires one to design, develop and create something will test their creative skills. The amalgamation of intellect, hard work and creativity has led to marvels across different domains.

So how exactly does technology help? Well, tech has always supported creativity by:

  • Augmenting one’s creative skills;
  • Assisting in researching, creative thinking, brainstorming and thinking out-of-the-box;
  • Providing platforms & services that allow creativity to flourish;
  • Overcome challenges, limitations and obstacles with ease;

To understand the myriad ways through which technology galvanizes imagination, let us look at some real-life examples below.

We begin with one of the most dominant & all-pervasive technologies of today, the Internet.

  • The Internet: An Indispensable Resource For Creative Minds

Since its inception and throughout its history, the World Wide Web has been a critical constituent of numerous technological innovations. With the birth of the search engine, the rise of different networking protocols & systems, the rise of social media- the Internet has grown akin to an organism. It is one of the most significant information repositories in existence.

All the different information sources, resources, services and applications available via the Internet now help students & professionals develop & realize their creative ideas.

  1. Cloud services help store & exchange ideas with anyone, anywhere.
  • Collaborate with individuals & groups for creative projects via the Web.
  • Feed & stir your creativity by accessing credible sources of information.
  • Test your skills by availing services and platforms.
  • Go through different kinds of web content, download e-books, guides & research papers, watch tutorials, and do many other things to build your creative faculties & bring your ideas to fruition.

Seamless connectivity, breaking down barriers, easy integration, information accessibility, and expert instant feedback are some of the most prominent ways through which the Internet helps nurture creative ideas.

  • Arduino: Bringing Design Ideas To Fruition

Arduino hardware and software are a blessing for crack electronic circuit & machine designers. Arduino provides assembled electronic printed circuit boards with built-in microprocessors, memory & I/O, with powerful interfacing capabilities.  A variety of PCBs is available with varying specifications & purposes.

Designers get to program these readymade boards using the Arduino software and then connect them with sensors, actuators & other devices to design different electronic systems. Arduino is one of the best examples of technology helping electrical & electronics designers bring their creative ideas to life.

If you love creating robots & other automated devices, then use Arduino to build things like:

  1. A Voice-Controlled Table Cleaning Arduino Robot With A Wifi Camera
  2. A Random Number Generator
  3. Shaking Arduino Dice
  4. Pick and Place Robots
  5. Autonomous Hovercrafts and much more

Tutorials and guides are galore to help people design, build and bring their creativity to life.

  • Creative Software Development Platforms: An Effective Amalgamation

It is the auspices of technology that allows software developers to pivot or participate in different kinds of creative development projects. Several digital platforms and infrastructures are now available and offer powerful features & functionalities that power a wide array of creative projects.

  1. Adobe AIR allows developers to write & design their desktop applications. It is an integrated runtime environment to help coders write applications using HTML, CSS, JavaScript or Flash etc.
  • Amazon Web Services, the hugely popular cloud computing platform of Amazon, is transforming how businesses & developers design, deploy & monitor their software applications.

AWS offers a host of developer tools and As-A-Service functionalities to aid developers in unfurling their creative wings. Host, build, test, deploy and monitor your software with continuous integration & delivery via AWS technologies.

  • Machine learning is a landmark technological achievement. AI and ML learn from experience and deliver insightful information. Machine learning and deep learning are now being used across MOOCs, content delivery systems and several other platforms & services.

ML and DL algorithms are capable of scouring large volumes of data, detect & understand underlying patterns, and offering practical information as per objectives. Groundbreaking AI can assist in developing creative projects by providing rich & actionable insights based on in-depth analysis of user behavior, skills and experience.

Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure ML, Google Cloud, IBM Watson are prominent Machine Learning-As-A-Service platforms that can help creative minds brings their ideas to life.

  • Online Resources For Writers: Helping Writers Write Better

Information and Communication Technology has digitized and revolutionized the way we interact with each other. As a result, online writing communities are gradually replacing intellectual gatherings and writer haunts. Digital libraries, digital writing assistants, guides, online guides & various other resources help writers give life to their creative ideas and help their creativity flourish.

Whether it’s SEO tools for content writers or editing & proofreading guides for professional writers, a wide variety of resources have now become readily available thanks to the auspices of technology.

  1. The Creative Penn, Self-Publishing, The Write Life, Writers Services– these are just a few of some prominent resources of aid for writers, assisting them through any stage of the writing process.
  • Online editing and writing assistants such as Grammarly, Scribendi, Whitesmoke, Pro Writing Aid, Hemingway App, etc., offer accurate feedback to improve their write-ups and, consequentially, their writing skills.
  • A plethora of online resources for copywriters & content writers are now available across the Web. Google Webmaster Tools, Evernote, Blog Topic Generator, Co Schedule’s Headline Analyzer, Canva, Infogram, etc. – numerous applications are now accessible, many entirely for free, which help content writers realize their creative ideas better.

And that rounds up this article. Hope it helped readers realize how closely technology & creativity influence each other and how tech helps bring creative ideas to fruition.