How Remote Startups are Changing the Game for Everyone?

remote work

These days, an employee finds nothing more appealing than the benefit of a flexible work schedule and environment. This includes all the new and old buzzwords such as flextime, home office, digital nomad, remote working, and telecommuting. Technology has advanced greatly in recent years, allowing remote workers to perform their tasks effortlessly with the help of collaboration platforms, cloud-based and video conferencing tools, and team messaging applications.

So, why are people emphasizing so much on a flexible work setup? Well, simply because there are many advantages associated with it for employees like they can strike a perfect balance between work & life. Plus, they won’t be traveling long distances to reach the office which would help them save both fuel and money. But for that you need to have a reliable internet deal like Spectrum WiFi plans.

How Remote Work Is Helping Organizations

While an employee certainly enjoys a lot of benefits of remote work but does an organization also receive some advantages? The answer to this question is not always clear. There are some businesses who fear that remote working might cause inconsistency or lower outputs. However, there are some companies who favor remote working and have observed a lot of perks because of it. Here are just a few of them.

#1. Increased Employee Retention

One of the biggest drivers that push the companies to offer the option of a flexible working schedule is its impact on an employee’s retention rate. According to the New York Times, work from home, and flexible scheduling play an important part in an employee’s decision to accept or reject a job. Therefore, in industries such as software development where experienced developers are extremely valuable, flexibility has become a major part of the employment package. However, one must know that going for remote work will require you to be connected to the internet at all times. This is because you can easily interact with your colleagues and supervisors. For me, the internet services from Charter Spectrum deals have worked just fine. I was easily able to do video conferencing with my team during the lockdown.

#2. More Engaged Employees

As long as employees are happy and content with their work environment, you can expect them to be more engaged. The founder of Flexjobs, Sara Sutton stated that employees who can easily control their work and personal life remain satisfied. In fact, when she asked the staff if they prefer a salary increase or a flexible working schedule, many chose the latter. It has also been observed that if the workers are trusted with freedom, they will not only feel respected but would also become highly engaged.

#3. Increased Productivity

If the employees are given the liberty to design their own work schedule, they will tend to become productive. You have to understand that not everyone likes morning. There are some night owls as well who prefer to do things at their time. So, if you let them decide their own schedule, they might just start to deliver higher quality work often. This will help your business grow more rapidly.

#4. Access to a Wider Pool of a Talent

Companies that don’t fear when it comes to offering the option of remote work can easily search for more talented individuals no matter where they are located. This will give bring huge benefits to the organizations. Also, it will help employees with disabilities a chance to work.


When a company is offering its employees a flexible working environment, they need to ensure that it works well for both of them. Workers should prepare themselves for additional accountability when there’s no one to watch them whereas companies must improve their processes which could enable them to control a dynamic environment. Both parties should be aware of what makes remote work a mutually beneficial option and the companies might have to go an extra mile to make sure that the culture, communication, and responsibilities are being upheld.