Web design and development are great skills to acquire in today’s world. Nowadays, every business in the world wants a website for a strong online presence. This means there’s a never-ending demand for web designers and developers across the globe.

Since there are thousands of experienced professionals in the industry, there is huge competition for gaining clients. Each member of a wide group of industry experts has unique skills and gains expertise in unique selections of programming languages to stand apart from their colleagues.

This is where many beginners get confused. “What programming language should I start with?”, “What’s the most popular among clients”, and “What’s the easiest web development language to learn?” are some of the questions that’ll pop into your mind. But perhaps the biggest question in your mind right now is “How Can I Use Python for Web Development?”, which is a very interesting question indeed.

Python is one of the easiest programming languages for beginners. Thanks to its simplified syntax and fast processing speeds, it’s become quite popular among newbies. Even kids today are introduced to the world of programming, not by GW-BASIC or C, but by Python.

However, Python isn’t generally used as a sole web development platform. Instead, it’s used as a combination with JavaScript. How does that work you ask? Well, Python takes care of the server-side processing, while JavaScript runs on the client-side.

Today, we’ll discuss this matter in more detail to help you decide whether or not you want to go with Python for your web development projects.

Web Development in Python – Advantages

While it’s not the most popular web programming language, there are benefits to using python. The language is very versatile and can be used in various areas of design and development.
Following are some of the reasons why Python should be your choice for web development projects:

Ease Of Learning

As mentioned earlier, this is one of the easiest programming languages for you to learn. Being an nth generation language, it has simplified code that is much closer to the spoken English language than previous languages like C, C++. Java or C#. 

Quick Development

With Python, you can easily get your projects launched much faster as compared to other programming languages. This gives you an advantage over your competition as it may take them longer to provide prototypes and final project deliveries. Compared to other languages, Python takes less time to build projects, which serves as a major advantage for you.

Community Support

Python isn’t just one of the easiest programming languages out there, but also one of the most popular ones among new and experienced programmers globally. Its popularity grows day by day as more and more people join the Python community. This helps the creators of Python get the most refined feedback to improve the language in terms of speed, documentation, and security.

Several Useful Libraries

With Python comes a number of packages and tools, that allow you to make the most of your programming experience. From NumPy to Pandas, PyGal, and many more, there are several packages that allow you to streamline your programs and help you get your applications going with lesser lines of code.

Web Development Frameworks

The most significant factor for this blog of course is that Python comes with two amazing web development frameworks, namely Flask and Django. This makes it easier for you to enter the web development market without the need of learning 6 other skills beforehand. Even if you’re most interested in adapting to other platforms later on, you can get a head start by learning web dev with one of its amazing frameworks.

Python Framework – Django

Django is an MVT (model-view-template) based python framework for web development. It allows secure and quick development and is highly scalable for your web projects. Used for back-end development, Django offers various perks for developers and has played a big role in the rising popularity of Python.

Python Web Development with Django

Django and Python are the perfect combinations for quick and efficient web development. Following are some of the ways Django assists your web development journey:

  • Like Python, Django is simple to code and deploy your programs with. So, you can deliver final products in less time.
  • It’s also a secure platform embedded with various security features, that help you meet client expectations.
  • Django allows you to create websites that are compatible with all sorts of devices, for a better user experience across devices.
  • Another advantage you have with Django is SEO Compatibility, that helps you rank on search engines much easily.
  • Finally, Django has a large and helpful community that can assist you with your projects via various development forums.

Python Framework – Flask

Flask is a microframework of Python based on the Jinja template and the Werkzeug library. It allows you to make applications without the hassle of deciding particular tools for development, as it’s a very simplistic web framework but also works well with various Flask-based extensions.

Python Web Development with Flask

Flask and Python are also a great combination for your web development projects. Following are some of the ways Flask helps streamline your web design and development:

  • Flask is also easy to code and deploy simple programs with. So, you can deliver your web projects in less time.
  • Flask offers easy database integration and a smaller codebase which helps you provide web products much quickly.
  • With Flask you can make highly scalable smaller applications which means you can update your projects at any time.
  • It is a minimal web development platform, yet it allows you to make powerful applications in a limited time frame.
  • Finally, Flask too has several online resources available on GitHub that you can take advantage of for effective development.

Need A New Website?

This was a brief piece on how you can use Python for web development. But of course, Python isn’t the only web development platform out there. There are also various other paths you can choose, such as Python Certification List, PHP-based web development, WordPress development, NodeNS development, and many more.

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