How Old Do You Have To Be To Buy A Vape In UK?

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Vape is setting a new trend amongst youngsters and continues to increase in popularity over the years. This is primarily due to how vaping has claimed to help chain-smokers quit smoking, encouraging a healthier lifestyle among them. The fact that many smokers are now switching to vape sure is a healthier alternative but remains a rising concern for parents. While most youngsters are engaged in vaping to jump on the trending bandwagon, a lot of them tend to go over the national laws and guidelines that go around vaping in the UK. It is clear that you have to reach a certain age before you can vape or purchase e-liquids and e-cigarettes from a vape shop Birmingham, UK vape shop, or online vape store.

No matter how ‘child-friendly it may seem, know that there could be serious charges against the buyer and the seller in case they may be involved in an underage, illegal vape transaction. This article will go over some of the basics of vape and will enlighten you on the required age limit that permits vaping in the UK.

What is the legal age to buy a vape in the UK?

The United Kingdom laws make it very clear to vape selling vendors and buyers that selling and purchase of e-liquids or electronic-cigarettes to people under the age of 18 is strictly prohibited and illegal. Age verification is essential in the vape biz, and though it may seem challenging for online vape stores, they too must adhere to these strict laws and should be able to unambiguously verify their customer’s ages before making the final deal.  Failure to comply with the vape age restrictions could lead to you incurring a heavy fine of £2500.

Are youngsters in the UK still vaping despite the age limit?

Regardless of the age restrictions imposed, there are still several law breaches with underage vaping all over the world. While the US has imposed several federal bans on flavored e-liquids across various states, The UK does not fall far behind in this regard. When we dive deep into stats, there are particular areas in the country that has serious underage vaping problem catering to staggering figures of youngsters who vape. For instance, NHS figures state that a fifth of the 15th-year-olds in Humber and Yorkshire are engaged in vape consumption.

Why is Vape so Popular?

However, despite the laws and regulations when it comes to vaping, it still appears to be famous among people of all ages. Vaping is known to help smokers safely quit their smoking habits, as was estimated by 3.6 million UK vapers. Not to mention, vaping is potentially twice as more effective as ordinary gums, patches, and other smoking aids that stop smoking.

However, we recommend even if you meet the age requirements, if you do not smoke, avoid vaping as even though it is less harmful than smoking, nicotine can lead to a long-term addiction.