How Nonprofit Organizations Can Easily Grow Their Volunteer Pool


If you are in charge of volunteer recruitment for a nonprofit organization, it can be difficult to find enough people who will commit the time and energy necessary to make your organization successful. Volunteer Centre County is here to help! We work with nonprofits throughout the county by providing them with training on how to recruit volunteers and provide them with tools such as

Volunteer Centre County is an online platform that matches potential volunteers with opportunities based on their skills and location. This blog post provides many tips on how nonprofits can easily grow their volunteer pool including: 1) Emphasize why your nonprofit needs more volunteers 2) Set up targeted groups for recruiting 3) Create a one-stop shop list of all volunteer opportunities Volunteer Centre County can help you get started by providing information on how to create a successful recruitment campaign.

Volunteer Centre County also offers training and events to help nonprofits hire the right volunteers for their organization. is a great resource that can provide you with more detail on this topic, such as how to create an effective volunteer campaign and other strategies for recruiting volunteers!

Why do you need more help? What is the purpose of these volunteers? Before reaching out to individuals, clarify your requirements. The more thinking you can perform up front, the better defined your demands will be when you begin recruiting individuals.

Consult with staff and existing volunteers about your volunteer-recruitment plan. Is the new person joining for a one-time large event? Are they being brought on for long-term involvement with new initiatives? Will exist volunteers be involved in recruitment and training the newcomers? Will employees be overseeing them? Make clear how having the new group will affect those who are already on board.

You may have a passionate desire to be of service to others, but you need champions who can help you understand why they need your services and how they can use them. What is it about your organization’s mission that appeals to people? How will volunteers be able on participate in important activities? What impact will volunteering have on them? Your major message for potential volunteers should be about the benefits to them. This detail will help convince others to volunteer and give your recruitment efforts a boost! Sticking envelopes for many hours is not interesting-empowering people with information about accessible housing is compelling. Make a strong vision to emphasize the importance of your mission to potential volunteers.