How Many Textile Fabrics Are There?

Textile Fabrics

The fabric is the basis of any garment that is manufactured, and its choice must be made carefully based on various factors. Among them, the time of year for which you want to use, its quality, its texture, its use or if it is going to be for a sporty or elegant. Modern Ikat fabric, fabric patterns, Ikat upholstery fabric and Ikat fabric by the yard are famous for its unique dyeing methods. That is why you have to be careful when choosing the fabric, of which there are different types. 

It is also essential to decide if you want to opt for a fabric of natural origin or an artificial or synthetic type. There are even fabrics that use both types of compounds. Within the former, we can in turn divide them into tissues of animal and plant origin. They can also be classified in terms of their texture, as we will see below.

Natural fabrics of plant origin

Among the tissues of plant origin we can find them of the following types: 

Cotton: one of the most popular and widespread. It is a very versatile type of fabric with which all kinds of clothing are made, but also home clothes, work clothes and for other purposes. It is also one of the most used to obtain other fabrics by combining cotton with other materials. This is how denim is obtained, for example. It is very economical, breathes well and is soft to the touch. 

Linen: widely used in the manufacture of summer garments for its quality, resistance, lightness and freshness. Of course, it does not offer much elasticity, which can deform it if it is not taken care of. It is one of the oldest types of fabric. 

Natural fabrics of animal origin

Wool: it comes from the hair of sheep, and the fabric obtained with this compound is of high quality, as well as resistant. It has a high level of elasticity and is very warm. That is why it is used in garments for autumn and winter. 

Mohair: fabric made from yarn made from goat hair. But not from any goat, but from the angora goats, of Turkish origin. It is a very soft and warm fabric, with a striking natural shine. Of course, its price is quite high, higher than that of common wool. 

Silk – fabric that is created from the, so to speak, labor of silkworms. It is a very delicate and soft fabric, as well as very light and with good breathability. It is usually found in very delicate garments and considered luxury, due to its high price. You have to follow special guidelines to wash it because it is easily damaged.

Leather and skin: Fabrics that come from the skin and hair of various animals, both domestic, such as the cow, even wild, such as the fox or the snake. They are very resistant and are mainly used for making jackets and coats. Its price is high, and in recent times its use has decreased.

Synthetic Fabrics

The main fabric of artificial origin is polyester, although in recent times there are others that are gaining more and more popularity.

Polyester – fiber created from various petroleum products, combined with water and carbon. It is soft and cheaper than cotton. Its price is also lower, but its quality is lower and it sweats much worse. It is quite flammable, but its characteristics and resistance make it used for the creation of various clothing items. 

Rayon: Its fiber is based on a compound called sodium alginate. Raw, it cannot be washed, but it is used in the manufacture of fabrics combined with other materials, which does allow it. It is found mainly in lace and other fabrics with a complex weave. 

Cellulosic fabrics: despite coming from cellulose, they are considered artificial fabrics due to their creation process and their treatment with chemical compounds. There are several fabrics that are formed from this element, such as viscose or modal.