How InventHelp Can Help You


If you’ve got an idea for a new product or service, you can get help from professional inventors. These experts can help you move forward with your idea and achieve commercial success. There are many people who have been helped by inventions. InventHelp can help you get your invention helpto market and patent it. It can also help you make a working prototype of your product or service and evaluate its commercial viability.

InventHelp is a leading inventor service company

InventHelp is one of the leading inventor service companies in the world. They specialize in working with inventors to help them realize their dreams of becoming an inventor and making their invention a reality. The company’s headquarters is in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, and its team includes researchers, writers, website facilitators, and animators. In addition, it employs sales representatives and customer service representatives throughout the United States and Canada.

One of the company’s main services is patenting, which is essential for the success of an invention. InventHelp guides inventors through the process step-by-step. Without a patent, an invention can quickly become a big financial loss, so it is vital that an inventor protect their invention.

InventHelp also helps inventors package their inventions and market them to corporations. It has connections to many companies and can refer an inventor to a patent attorney if necessary. It also has graphic design services and can help an inventor attend trade shows and create press releases.

It helps inventors patent their inventions

There are several things that you can do to ensure that you patent your invention. Patenting your invention can help protect it for up to 20 years. Once that time is up, you’ll be free to share the technology with anyone you want. A patent is essentially a contract between you and the government. In exchange for exclusive rights to your invention for a limited period of time, the government will help you educate the public about your invention.

Having a patent also gives you exclusive rights to your invention, which can be very valuable. Once your invention is patented, you will have more bargaining power with potential investors. It also gives you access to networking and inventor conferences. And finally, it’s an excellent marketing tool.

While there are many benefits to patenting your invention, it’s often expensive. In some countries, the patent fees can cost more than a year’s salary. And if you’re planning to expand your business, it will be difficult to get patent protection if the fees are so high.

It helps them create working prototypes

One way that invention help helps inventors create working prototypes is by creating a website that is tailored to the idea they are developing. They can also help create technical drawings that explain how to manufacture the getting started with a new invention idea . These can be used to present your idea to companies and explain how it works. In addition to creating a website, InventHelp also provides a virtual invention browsing experience that allows potential customers to view your idea before making a purchase.

A working prototype is an essential part of the process of turning an idea into a commercially available product. Oftentimes, prototypes reveal features that can be patented. The cost of building a working prototype depends on the complexity and the type of prototype. Some inventors choose to build their prototypes on their own.

While prototypes don’t provide an immediate financial reward, they can help the inventor develop proof of concept, which is important when seeking investment or raising capital. Additionally, prototyping can identify production inefficiencies and fix them before they become costly. Many inventors also seek patents for their inventions, which grant them exclusive rights to produce and sell their idea. Building working prototypes increases the value of your patent, which can lead to a higher price for your idea.

It helps them evaluate their invention’s commercial viability

Viability analysis helps inventors determine whether their invention has the potential to become a commercial success. It can help determine the size and future market of a product, as well as the most appropriate marketing strategy. The right viability analysis can save your business from costly mistakes. A product’s viability analysis should be based on tangible research and evidence-based information.

The goal of any invention is to solve a problem for consumers. It should be useful for people and save them time or money. Bringing an invention to market is a time-consuming and expensive process. Although many people think they have a great inventor ideas , it is not always possible to bring it to market at a reasonable price. The inventor’s profit margin must be high enough to cover all of these costs without pricing themselves out of the market.

The feasibility study involves assessing the feasibility of your invention by considering its cost of production and the amount of profit it can generate. If your invention is viable and has a reasonable market potential, you can pursue IP protection and market development.