How Google’s Ranking Algorithms Hurt Publishers

Google Is wrong

The following artcile explains how unfair and totally wrong Google’s algorithms are. In my option they are totally 100% wrong. Hundreds of thousands of other website owners and publishers agree.

Here is a major example of Google ripping off writers and hurting people who deserve to be at the top!


A website with a MOZ domain authority of 1 publishes an amazing article. In fact, it’s the best article ever written in the world on the subject and the writer publishes it on his brand new great looking highly locally optimised and highly informative website.

The article is ranked for its main target keyword on page 17 of search results due to the website’s MOZ domain authority of 1.

An authority website with a MOZ domain authority score of 40 comes across and finds the worlds best article on this topic listed on page 17 written by a true professional and master of the subject. The article took the publisher 3 weeks of long hard writing, research, time, dedication, education and money to write and produce. The owner of the MOZ DA40 site copies this article and places it on his website without permission and also adds his name to the bottom of the artcile and also adds “Source” at the bottom.

Google will turn around and respond to the above statement and advise you can make a copywrite report. The issue here is by the time they finally get around to looking at it, its too late! The shine has been taken off your amazing artcile launch and the cheat with a higher authority website that copied the content in it’s entirety or even partially has already taken the credit and the traffic!

The result is that the article ranks on the first page of search results. The Moz DA40 site is now getting all the credit, all the traffic and massive increase in sales on his website for someone else’s weeks of hard work.

Furthermore the cheater has already potentially made thousands of dollars in products, services or affiliate sales by attracting customers to his website via the content and artcile he outright stole leaving the person who put in all the hard work, dedication and education into writing the artcile is not credited a single cent! The copywrite reporting tool is not good enough. A preventive system needs to be put in place.

Now Google does not automatically penalise for duplicate content at all! Its algorithm just ranks the article on the site with the highest authority. THAT’S WRONG!

It’s also very unfair to the person who put in weeks of hard work and superior knowledge into the article and Google awards the high content placement to some uneducated and undeserving cheat with a blog and doesn’t even have a basic grasp of the English Language This blog owner just steals and copywrites content!

So much for Google stating they rank content based on how good the article is and not how many backlinks a website has.

How does Google allow this to happen? You would think the billion dollar AI can work out the date the content was first published and award the high rankings to the original publisher right?

All it would take is a few of Google’s genius developers to write a few lines of code that determines the date the artcile was first published and on what website. And then make sure the original publishing website is awarded the priority rank. It’s that simple. So why don’t they do it? Well there are many people out there that will tell you exactly why and I agree with them. But that’s for another story.


A website such as CBS or Forbes with a MOZ domain authority of 90 publishes an article with just two paragraphs of sub standard low impact news information. It ranks FIRST PAGE for the searching keyword phrase.

Now, a website with a MOZ Domain authority of 1 writes a fully comprehensive news article on the same story (who broke the news first) that is 800 words long, including graphics, charts, interviews, original references and just a killer read! It’s not ranked in the first 10 pages of Google’s search results. How is that fair or right and how is it that Google says they rank content based on the quality of the information as they say they do? It’s proven that is complete garbage!

Google is wrong, it’s unfair, it’s biased, it rips off deserving publishers, it hurts people instead of awarding them and crushes the deserving little man.

This is why you often find the best sources and goldmine’s of information a whole 10 pages back in Google’s search engine results in many instances.

I’m sure millions of people, publishers, website owners and even professional digital marketing experts around the world would agree.

Just because a website has high authority and thousands of hyperlinks pointing to there own website. It does not mean they are an authority on the actual subject being written and displayed.

I personally recently wrote an amazing high quality artcile on my own personal website that was over 1000 words long, contained 3 H2 headings, charts, figures, facts, trusted external references to scientifically proven university studies, very well content balanced with keyword focus phrases on a flawless on page optimised website. This website of mine has a MOZ domain authority of 4. The content was outranked by an artcile on CCN that was just two sentences long (you could almost call it just a long heading) and did not come close to providing the full details of the same subject! Again, is that a sign of Google’s AI ranking the best quality content as they claim? I call B.S

Still in 2021 the fact remains. No matter how good your content is. The website with the most backlinks wins. The only thing that has really changed in respect to how many backlinks a site has. Is the type of backlinks. That’s it!

Thanks for reading!