How EVOLVh Is Changing Haircare From the Inside Out


EVOLVh is a brand currently shaking up the haircare industry with its distinct approach toward formulations and accessibility for consumers. From every angle you look at it, EVOLVh is exploring new territories in haircare, creating product lines that are not only effective but approachable so that anyone could get themselves started on a new haircare system. EVOLVh somehow manages to combine creative thinking with its scientific approach toward product development. If you have been feeling like your haircare products just aren’t doing enough, then it might be time for you to switch over to a brand that is known for treating the hair from the inside out.

Molecular Formulations
In its efforts to create highly effective products, EVOLVh has turned away from traditional formulation methods which typically involve improving the appearance of hair rather than improving the condition of the hair itself. Traditional formulas for hair products will often include ingredients that are more focused on the way the hair looks, which can mislead users into thinking that their hair is truly being benefitted. Instead of prioritizing the superficial state of the hair, EVOLVh chooses to treat the hair on a molecular level so that the hair does not only look better but feels better as well.

EVOLVh ingredients go beyond the surface of the hair, entering the strands to deliver research-based and biology-driven treatments. These products are meant to penetrate the hair, providing strength, nourishment, and hydration from within the hair as opposed to topical treatments. In its efforts to create innovative hair care solutions, this brand also avoids certain ingredients that are common in hair products, but are hardly beneficial such as sulfates which can strip the hair of moisture, or silicones which can overly coat the hair to hide imperfections.

For All Hair Types
With all of the research that EVOLVh puts into creating its products, it is only fitting that a large number of people would be able to actually use these products and see the benefits in real life. To make sure that as many people are able to use their products as possible, the team behind EVOLVh decided to create a broad range of products that would run the gamut of people’s hair needs. Regardless of your particular hair type, you should be able to find great products that would work for you. Whether you have curly, dry, color-treated, or fine hair, you should be able to try out this inclusive line of products. Curly-haired folks will love the SuperCurl Defining Cream, while fine-haired people should see results with the InstaVolume Volumizing Mousse. Even those with difficult, damaged hair can enjoy the line for products like the UltraRepair Reconstructing Masque which is meant to help people on the road to hair recovery from heat damage, color treatment, and any environmental stressors.

Easy to Start Trying
To make these products more inviting to people unfamiliar with the brand, EVOLVh did something very clever. They created these Discovery Kits so that people will be able to easily identify what products they should be using. This is a really great idea for those who are not very knowledgeable about hair products but want to get started on a great system. These kits are thoughtfully divided by hair needs including Curls, Smooth, Volume, and Color so that picking out the products you want becomes intuitive. Each kit includes products designed to address those particular hair concerns and work together harmoniously in a routine. Even those more knowledgeable about haircare products enjoy these kits since it allows them to test out smaller-sized products before committing to the larger options.

When you are ready to get started using EVOLVh hair products, you can check them out at where they have Discovery Kits, value sizes, and full-sized products for you to see.

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