How does VoIP Work? A Complete Guide To VoIP Phone Systems

VoIP Phone Systems
VoIP Phone Systems

It’s the 21st century everyone is using smartphones. Technology has improved our daily life. In the past decades, an organization used old desk phones to communicate between employees and international clients. It was an old and time-consuming method that was not a proper way of doing business. Everything was slow and disorganized. All the paper was being wasted because people were recording all the complaints on registers. A company needed drawers to put all the files in one place. If the data needed to be updated all the files needed to be checked and then the files would be updated. Luckily, VoIP phone system services have done great service for mankind.  

What is VoIP Phone System?

Voice over internet protocol (VoIP) refers to the standard that facilitates voice-based calls using the technology of the internet instead of local telephone cable. VoIP converts your voice into a digital signal that travels through the internet. A VoIP service provider will connect your call to all the participants. On the ending point, digital data is then uncompressed into the local sound that you hear from speakers.

VoIP uses the internet instead of any landline cable. Recent advancements and improvements have made business VoIP solutions very effective for the business organization.

Difference Between VoIP Phone System and Telephone Line

Traditional old desk phones used slow and complex cables that were not very effective for the job. A system was slow and laggy when you use a slow system for business it will not work according to your satisfaction. An old phone used traditional line systems such as POTS that run the primary rate interface (PRI) which refers to a set of communication standards for transmitting voice, video, data, and other services. A cloud PBX system uses local transmission cables along with a cloud server. With a PBX server, a user can have unlimited calls with other users at zero cost. These kinds of systems just need a stable internet.

How Does VoIP System Work

With a regular phone call, the user required a physical path which is provided by the phone company. The path goes between the user and the other user you call. That system also utilizes the local telephonic architecture which means that the voice can be transferred from one country to another but at an extra cost. But in VoIP systems, the procedure is kind of the opposite.  Your voice is converted into digital signals that travel via the internet. The digital signals are compressed and then uncompressed for the user to hear his local voice. The data packets are then transmitted via IP. The process of transmitting these data packets is very fast.

Why Do Businesses Use VoIP?

Business VoIP solutions are a very essential factor for the business. In this modern world, everyone is using the technology of the internet, so why not the businesses should also use it and improve customer care. There are many employees in an organization that is required to call the international client for business. So if we use a VoIP system all the employees can work easily without any extra cost.

Top VoIP Phone Features

Here are some important features that are offered in the VoIP system.

Unlimited Calling

In an office, employees can have unlimited calls with their clients

Online Faxing

With the help of the internet users can send unlimited faxes to multiple people without any extra cost.

Call Recording

If you have a business in which you record your customer’s voice this system is best for you. It gives u the feature of recording the voice of your customers unlimited time.

HD Voice Quality

Sometimes the voice is very laggy and unclear. This system gives HD quality voice for your customers and clients so they can talk without any lag or any technical disturbance.

Smartphone Applications

Sometimes it is hard to use this software on an office PC system. There are mobile applications developed by the companies so that you can use them on the GO. These applications can be installed on IOS or Android Phones.

Conference Lines

Your team leader can easily maintain and conduct a conference call on this system because you can add more than one user in a call at the same time without extra cost.

Custom Voicemail

Companies can use a customized voicemail to entertain their customers because if you use a custom voicemail the user will be impressed by your creativity.

Final thoughts

VoIP phone systems are widely being used in businesses. If you want to grow your business then you should go for these systems so you can get successful in fewer days.