How Do You Unlock an Automotive Door with Power Locks?

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Getting locked out of your car can be a nightmare but if your car has a power locking system, then unlocking the doors can be a bit difficult and extra challenging. To successfully unlock a car with power locks, you’ll need to use a spare key or contact an automotive locksmith from your area. You can also use a wedge or a rod to pick the lock yourself. However, it is recommended not to use these tools and call a professional locksmith straight away. Here is an overview of a power lock and its mechanism, along with some tips on how to unlock an automotive door with power locks. 

What is a Power Lock?

Many vehicles now come with power locks from which the driver can easily control the locking and unlocking of all vehicle doors. In addition to a power lock, these locks are also referred to as electric door locks. The control panel can be found in the inner part of the door, allowing the driver to manage all locks.

Working Mechanism for Power Locks

Nowadays, vehicles are equipped with central locking and unlocking systems, making it easier to unlock the car. Key fobs and transponder keys are common examples of keyless entry mechanisms. However, if you lose the original car key, power locks won’t make it easier for you to pick the lock. In that case, an automotive locksmith in Denver, CO, can help. 

  • Keyless Entry

Such a system allows you to open the lock of the car without using the key. You can unlock your vehicle by simply pressing a button on the key fob. An encrypted signal is sent from the fob to the door to unlock it. Although, if the fob’s battery dies, the vehicle will not unlock.

  • Lock Buttons

Most vehicles now have a lock button located in the door panel. You can easily lock your car from the inside while driving by pressing the button. This is a great option for security while driving. However, it will not lock your car from the outside. 

How to Unlock Car Doors with Power Locks?

Accidents happen every day, and everyone hates getting locked out of their cars. But what can be done when the vehicle has an electric lock? Some tips which can help are:

1. Check the Doors and Windows

Always check each door before trying to bypass them. Your car has much driving and controlling options, which means that there can be the chance of a door still opening. Also, if you’re moving with someone and have locked the car before closing their door, there is a chance it didn’t lock. Therefore, before using other solutions, checking the doors is important. 

2. Using a Spare Key

In situations like an automotive lockout, people forget to use the simplest ways due to frustration. One of those ways is a spare key which can be used in times of a lockout. Each car manufacturer provides the owner with a spare key that can be used at such times. Therefore, you must keep this key somewhere safe to be used when needed.

3. Call an Automotive Locksmith

As we mentioned before, getting into a car with an electric lock is certainly not easier than you think it is. Therefore, if you don’t want your car to get damaged by using a tool or brute force, an automotive locksmith in Denver, CO, is the best option. Locksmiths have the right tools and several programs that can easily break into your electric door lock. Furthermore, if you have misplaced the original car key and don’t have a spare one, the new key must be programmed with the door lock. Locksmiths can program electronic car keys as well. 

4. Using a Wedge Tool

If nothing else is working your way, you can try to open the car door using a wedge to gain access to the driver’s door button. For that, you must place the wedge on top of the door to create an opening between the door panel and the car’s body. You must be careful not to remove the rubber inside the door assembly. Try running a wire hanger inside to find the lock switch when creating this gap. You can press the lock button to open the door when you find the lock switch with a wire. A car kit can be bought that includes both a wedge and a long wire that has a hook on the end that can be used to open electric locks easily.

Having a car with power locks can give you some trouble when you get locked out, which is why you must use the tips shared above. Among all these tips, hiring a locksmith is the best one, so always consider that before opting for other options.