How do you choose the middle name of your baby?

middle name

Don’t let second names become as if they were an afterthought. When it comes to choosing middle names for boys and girls take these steps to select a name with flair.

The process of finding a name that you and your partner are comfortable with isn’t easy enough, which could explain why so many kids choose the names of default “Ann” or “Lynn” middle names. (Are you really honoring the name of your grandma or did you have a lack of ideas?) However, the middle name of your child gives you the chance to express your personal style, and perhaps be more adventurous as you will not use it every day. These 8 tips will aid you in selecting a great middle name.

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Middle Names: 8 Patterns to Pick the Ideal One for Your Baby

1. Go in a different direction.

The middle of the name can be the ideal location to provide some security for your kid. If, for instance, you’ve picked an old-fashioned first name you’ll get more enjoyment from the middle name by pairing classic names such as Elizabeth or James with middle names such as Star and Jet. However, if your child’s first name is off the beaten path (see: Rainbow or Moxie) Consider choosing something that is more conservative for the middle name for the possibility that you’d like to become the president in your own United States someday.

2. Personalize it with a personal meaning.

The middle place is a great place to honor family members or friends. Since middle names don’t get used in the same way and therefore, you don’t need to fret as much about the name’s style factor. So, you are able to freely choose a girl or boy the middle name you think is somewhat stale, such as Ralph and Gertrude. If you’d like to include a family surname within the middle name (perhaps the maiden’s name of Mom’s?) That’s where to go.

3. Be aware of the flow.

In general, experts in naming suggest that you read the name aloud and think about whether the name is harmonious. Be careful not to have names flow too closely together. You do not want the consonant sound that comes at the conclusion of a name to flow seamlessly into the next for example, Catherine Nell or Jack Colton. It’s also nicer when the middle name is different in the number of syllables. Also, pair a name with a longer length such as Jonathan with a shorter middle or Lee. And vice versa.

4. Take a look at one of the most popular middle names.

Although Ann, Lynn, and Marie were popular middle names for little girls a few decades ago, the current hot middle names for baby girls are Rose, Jane, Hope, and Grace. For popular middle-baby middle names for boys? Consider classic names, such as James, Joseph, and Thomas.

5. Two can be more valuable than one.

Is it difficult to choose the right middle name? Then in the United Kingdom, giving your child the option of two names for a middle name is the norm, and it’s true here too. Be careful not to go any further otherwise, you’ll risk making the name too complicated. (Heck even British prince George is only two names!)

6. Pay attention to the monogram.

It’s not a good idea to gift your child a monogram that has a negative meaning, so ensure you choose an appropriate middle name that will make the perfect initials set.

7. Consider nicknames.

The middle name can be part of the nickname your child gets. You can choose a name that is a good nickname set of initials like R. J. or J. T. Or add the middle to the name you give your child. Mary Elizabeth can be understood as Mary Beth, for instance.

8. Have some play playing.

You might not want to select a middle name like the wild one of reader, whose husband was planning to give his son the middle name “The Great.” If you choose one that reflects your happiness and affection for your child, you’ll be able to choose that perfect title.