How Do Roman Candles Work?

roman candles

With the 4th of July approaching us at full stream, it is time to gear up your firework collection to ensure you have a festive Independence Day. Many people tend to delay buying the fireworks till the last moment and end up settling for whatever is left behind at the stores. This year, buy yourself some roman candles to celebrate in style. Not just that, these fireworks also make a fantastic gift for your loved ones on auspicious events to let them know just how you feel. From Valentine’s Day to birthdays, perfect for all occasions, make the grand gesture of getting your significant other the gift of roman candles and see them swell with happiness and joy. In this article, we will tell you everything you need to know about roman candles. 

What Are Roman Candles?

Gaining its name from the emperor Nero, roman candles are sparkly wands filled with firework material. Once they are lit on fire, they shoot colorful balls of fireworks into the air. Even though these fireworks are not made out of wax, they share many similarities in appearance to a candlestick. These classic fireworks are guaranteed to brighten up every occasion with their gorgeous display. Additionally, roman candles are available in different thicknesses and colors to fit different requirements and match the theme of your party.

Roman Candle Fireworks for Outdoor Celebrations

From the 4th of July to New Year’s Eve, all of your outdoor events are incomplete without roman candles. Additionally, these glittery sticks are guaranteed to keep your guests entertained with their beautiful hand-held display. A visual delight for the viewers, roman candles creates gorgeous and elaborate patterns that will put your friends in a trance and help you pull in heartfelt compliments. Aside from the intricate patterns created by these fireworks, you can also use roman candles to attract more guests to your party.

Roman Candles as Gifts

When it comes to thoughtful gifts, instead of buying your loved ones materialistic presents, tell them you love them by filling the sky with beautiful colours. Don’t settle for overly expensive mediocre gifts when you can get roman candles for the next big occasion.

How to Operate Roman Candles?

One of the best things about these fireworks is how user-friendly they are. Unlike professional fireworks, roman candles can be operated by anyone. However, some cautions need to be taken, such as ensuring no flammable material is around you when you ignite these fireworks and standing at a distance of 6 feet before roman candles are set off.

How Much Do Roman Candles Cost?

Aside from being user-friendly, roman candles are significantly more affordable than areal or fountain fireworks. With these fireworks, you can make your celebration more fun without stretching your budget or worrying about hiring a professional to create a firework display.  You can get a pack of roman candles for a price ranging between £6 to £10.

Fireworks are a beautiful addition to your festive occasions to enhance the celebration with sparkly colours. However, you must take all necessary precautions to ensure your firework display is safe for viewing and will not cause any harm to those around you. Also, be mindful of the veterans in your area as not to disturb them.