How Do Retail Businesses Get Benefitted From Scent Marketing?


Have you ever wondered why customers linger around your business environment for a very short period of time? It may or may not be affecting your overall business, but you may feel that something is not right about the overall shopping experience there. Well, apart from whatever you display in your store, there are more aspects that attract the customers and urge them to continue shopping in an atmosphere. 

Scent marketing is now the most powerful strategy that can make a great difference in a retail business environment. Apart from the pleasant-smelling aspect, using scents will also influence the customer behavior and provide them with a positive experience. In this article, we will have a look at the various benefits of scent marketing for retail businesses.

Improves Customer Behavior

Pleasant scents can improve customer behavior in such a way that they communicate in a gentle and pleasant manner in the store. If the customers are happy, they will more openly look at your products and services, and enjoy them for more time. For example, most customers love the smell of coffee beans and for the same reason, they spend more time in a cafeteria. This smell can attract other customers to the cafeteria who may even end up having a non-coffee drink or snack. Studies have also proved that pleasant and attractive scents urge people to spend more on their purchases, as customers linger for more time and try to find more products of their interest.

Enhanced Customer Experience

There is a lot of difference between your sales data and the customer experience in your store. While sales can be earned from any customer, only a good customer experience will increase the number of returning customers. Scent marketing will provide the customers with an engaging and comfortable shopping experience, and they will consider you as the first choice when they need a similar product or service the next time. As your employees are subjected to the smell for a long period, they will have a calm and pleasant mind which will improve the quality of your customer service. Ultimately, every single advantage through scent marketing will improve the customer experience in your business.

Evokes Long-Lasting Memories

Have you ever caught hold of a fragrance and then remembered a lovely experience in your past that included that particular scent? This is because, scents have the innate ability to trigger emotions and convert these emotions into long-lasting memories, which are evoked when we experience the scent the next time. For example, the delicious smell of popcorn will take you back to a lovely movie theater memory in your past. Similarly, if your retail atmosphere and the products involved delivers a particular scent, that scent will create long-lasting memories and trigger them to regularly remind your brand name in the customer’s mind.

Increases Productivity

While the influence of scents on customers is clear, scent marketing can improve the value and productivity of your business up to a great extent. Along with your customers, your employees are also experiencing the power of the diffused scents. As a result, employees will be pleasant and friendly to the customers, behaving in a way that the customers look forward to. This will provide maximum value to your customer service. When your employees are always friendly and loyal to the customers, the overall business productivity and the rate of conversions will also increase with time.

A Positive Image

We human beings generally consider pleasantly-smelling objects or places as clean or trustable ones. When your store greets its customers with a pleasant scent that remains throughout their shopping journey, your store will have a positive and neat image in their perception. These scents eliminate all kinds of false odors and present the customers with fresh air to breathe. The overall ambiance and shopping experience will enhance your brand value and acceptance, which will benefit you further in a number of ways. Reliable suppliers of aroma diffusers can help you to know more about the relationship between scents and perception.

Evokes Spaciousness

This may sound surprising. But yes, scenting your store will provide the customers with illusions of more or less space inside. Lighter scents like cucumber, green apple, aloe vera, citrus, etc have been proven to induce a spacious appeal in a given interior. Similarly, sweet, woodsy, or spicy scents generally trigger a feeling of reduced space. You may talk with a scent expert to decide the perfect scent to be used in your retail store according to its area and dimensions. 

The world is now faster than ever before and the only way to catch the attention of your potential customers is to come up with unique and attractive ideas to promote and brand your business. Scent marketing is such a strategy that can open up a wide variety of realms and dimensions to enhance your value and image. Thus, seek assistance from experts and come up with a unique scenting strategy for your retail store and experience the change.