How did Bill Gates Started?


Bill Gates is a name known to every individual in this world, and the man that is always in the race of the World’s Richest Man. But have you ever wondered how Bill Gates started?

He has owned the title for a few years, was he this rich from the start? Well, of course not, he was not born this rich. Do you want to know how he became a famous name in the tech industry?

Well, we have all the information for you.

He became who he is by his hard work and passion, and also with the strategies he opted for. He was a dedicated young man who wanted to be successful and made most of his lif.

Bill Gates Early Life

Bill Gates was the kid in high school who was always obsessed with technology and curious to know more. This curiosity led him to become the chairman of the world’s biggest Computer Software Company.

When he was young, microcomputers had just launched and were not even that common. Still, Bill Gates because of his dedication and keenness to know more, was successfully able to write his first computer program at the age of 13.

He knew from then that he has to do something in this field. In his Sophomore year at university, along with his pal, Paul G.

Allen developed new software for the new microcomputers. After they got success in that project, Gates and Allen left Harvard in their Junior year and co-founded Microsoft.

How did He Started

The company was started in a garage where these two young boys used to work all day. And now, Microsoft has one of the biggest offices with thousands of franchisees in the world.

Bill Gates was a dedicated and passionate young man who wanted to be something in life and achieve something big. It all started when Microsoft delivered the first operating system for microcomputers called MS-DOS. He then licensed this software to IBM, the world’s biggest computer supplier.

However, Gates had to face competition with IBM but with his skills and talents, he beat that competition.  Even IBM had to look for Microsoft for the basic software for their PCs. by the 1990s and it became the top software provider.

The Success Part

All the success that Microsoft gained was the success of Bill Gates as he was the largest shareholder of the company.

Soon he started getting richer and richer, and by 1986 Bill Gates reached the status of a Billionaire. And he became the world’s richest man and his net worth reached billions.

If we say that he has an unlimited appetite for computers and technology, we will not be wrong.

At the start of his success, Bill Gates was not open to the public eye and wanted to remain behind the scenes. This was quite vague and did not work out for the best.

Everyone would want to know how Bill Gates started, and this is why he soon became one of the most popular public figures in the world. 

He worked for Other’s Welfare

People say when a man gets money, he becomes proud and not in a good way, he even forgets that there are other people living around him.

Well, this is not the case with Bill Gates, and it is also one of the many reasons why people love him so much.

Even after becoming the world’s richest man, Bill Gates never forgot about others, he kept doing charity work. Currently, he owns the world’s largest non-profit organization in the world along with his wife.

His Foundation Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation works for the welfare of people.  From education to health, from providing basic needs such as food and shelter to working for social causes such as climate protection and eradicating pollution, the foundation does it all.

Bill Gates is a man of principles and his principles include working for others, and well, he does that quite efficiently.

The Bottom Line

We can say that Bill Gates is John Rockefeller of Computers. Well, if he would not have provided such software, the map of the computer software world would be quite different from what it is. However, Bill Gates has always viewed success as a teacher.

As he says in his book, “Success seduces people to think they can’t lose it”. Well, this is a lesson we all should learn, and not get too proud because that might make us overconfident, and that’s where you start to lose it! We hope that you are now fully aware of how Bill Gates started.