How can you make your trip to Playa del Carmen memorable?


From undiscovered beach spots to looking for exotic local dishes, the best day trips to Playa del Carmen will give you a mesmerizing and unforgettable experience. Every person has a unique experience here; thus, you need to visit the place on your own to know how it feels. Here are a few things that will help you make your trip memorable:

Visit a cenote

A cenote is an underground swimming hole formed because of limestone bedrock. You will find thousands in the Yucatan peninsula, and visiting one is a must if you are in Playa del Carmen. You have several cenotes to select from, but Cenote Azul is the most famous one. 

Discover Chichen Itza

It is listed as one of the New Seven Wonders of the World; Chichen Itza is a vision to watch. It is an ancient archaeological site and is situated deep in the jungle. 

Enjoy conventional Mayan Food

Look out for authentic local cuisine in Playa del Carmen and enjoy it. Finding an authentic restaurant may be tough for you, but you can enjoy traditional and sumptuous Mayan food in many places in Playa del Carmen.

Go for traditional tlayuda, or if you want to go for something adventurous, choose dishes prepared with grasshoppers. 

Have a great time at Lido’s Beach Club

Most of the Playa del Carmen beach is taken over by resorts and beach clubs that charge you high. But the Lido’s Beach Club doesn’t charge you a single penny for loungers. Just order something and enjoy comfortable loungers or swings.

Swim in the Be Playa rooftop pool

A great place to relax in Playa del Carmen is to hand on rooftop pools. Be Playa hotel is one of the best places to enjoy a pool atop. Every penny spent is worth it, and you will surely have a great time here.

Enjoy Food at El Fogon

El Fogon is an extremely popular restaurant here. Hence, trying Food here is a must. It is a Mexican cantina, and the Food here is literally sumptuous and worth a trial. The place gets a long queue at 7 pm.

Book a day trip to Xpu Ha

You have many amazing beaches just a small distance from Playa del Carmen. You can spend your full day here on the white sand beach with transparent water with zero crowds.

Dine at Alux

Alux is situated in an amazing underground cavern, offering beautiful scenic views. The Food is delicious, and you will certainly have a great time with your spouse or family.

There are so many unique and adventurous things to do in Playa del Carmen; selecting the best one from the list can be tough. Hence it is important to prepare your itinerary beforehand. 

Reaching Playa del Carmen from Cancun Airport

You have many options to reach Playa del Carmen from Cancun airport, such as taking a bus, or taxi, or booking a private vehicle. The safest, quickest, and most comfortable option is private Cancun airport transportation

It is suggested not to waste your holiday time waiting for public transportations or getting ripped by cabs. Just book private transportation from Cancun airport to hotel in Playa del Carmen and enjoy a luxury trip.