How Can I Get Interviewed on Television?


Have you ever felt jealousy while seeing people being interviewed on TV?

It is pretty natural when you see people being questioned about their personal lives. You also want to narrate your stories to people. Sometimes you are more capable than the ones being interviewed, and you think you must be there. It’s your right, and it is a great chance to reach millions of people moreover if you are a businessman its more valuable as you can reach all type of audience through TV. But you do not know how to get there.

One of the best ways is to reach out to a TV channel, DNBC TV is a great example.  It is an IPTV network business and entertainment channel based in America. DNBC TV is dispersed worldwide, and it provides you a chance to reach out to millions of the audience at one time. It is a linear channel; thus, all people will watch the same thing at the same time regardless of their location.

You can easily reach out to this channel and get interviewed at an affordable price. It is an excellent opportunity to reach millions of people if you are a small or medium enterprise CEO. It will also help you to market your brand.

There are many other ways to get yourself interviewed, some of them are discussed below.

So, keep reading to get more info about it!

Let us fully dive into it!

  1. Face to Face Networking

When we talk about the media industry and get into it, the first thing is networking. It is about who you know. Do not underrate the strength of in-person meet-ups.

Networking is not so difficult!

The fundamental thing is to take some time out from your busy life and start interacting with people belonging to the media industry.

2. Look for Podcast or Radio Interviews

Along with networking, the next important step is to dig out opportunities. It is best to look for podcast or radio hosts who want professionals interviews. You can find radio or podcast hosts through Google and communicate with them via their websites or social media platforms.

The hosts can have managers or assistants, don’t be scared to reach them out. After approaching them, you can offer a valuable price or information in your tone.

3. Make Connections with Media

After radio and podcast hosts, it’s time to reach out to the journalists. The perfect way is to Google them and finds the one suitable for you. You can email them. However, be mindful of one thing that when you are approaching someone to get interviewed. Make sure to offer them something valuable. It would be best if you mentioned something useful for the journalist.

However, we would recommend you not rely on email as it can get into spam. So, it is better to follow them on their social media platforms and approach them via their PR team.

It is also good to reach journalists at different events like Local Tweetup or Chamber of Commerce. Do not hold back if you think you are a perfect candidate. Reach out to people and let folks know who you are. You can get benefit from different TV channels, journalists, radio and podcast hosts.