How Bradford Knives Have Perfected The Art of Fixed Blade Knives


More than two million years before human populations first set foot on the earth, the knife was already one of our most venerable weapons. It has progressed with us, adapting to our evolving wants and desires… For our survival, knives are an essential part of our lives. Useful, trustworthy, and vital in every aspect of human life.

That’s where the majority of the evidence for early tool manufacturing appears to come from. When it comes to prehistoric knife use, it’s astounding to know that we still have a direct link to that period through the use of our own instruments in the wild. We don’t know for sure when people first started utilizing knives and other tools. However, Bradford Knives are an illustration of how man has perfected the art of knifemaking.

Bradford Knives introduced the Guardian 3 in 2012, a small fixed blade with a horizontal sheath. It has remained the company’s most popular knife to this day. As a folding knife, the Guardian 3 has a number of advantages over traditional fixed blades, including the fact that there is no chance of it opening suddenly or hurting oneself when closing the blade, it is less costly without compromising on quality, and its horizontal carry allows you to sit or squat comfortably without fear of accidentally poking yourself of its pointy end…

Due to its depiction in several films, fixed knives have an image of being stronger than other types of blades. That’s a fair point. It doesn’t, however, imply that they can’t be employed in practically any setting. You can choose a fixed blade that’s just the right size for your needs. This is a feature that may be found in blades of different shapes and sizes. In addition, fixed blade knives have no moving parts, so you don’t have to think about the blade breaking on you when under stress.

G-clips, small and big Tek-Loks, and MOLLE attachments for the larger knives were included with the Guardian knives’ Kydex sheaths, which may be attached to a variety of clip alternatives. They are all manufactured by David Brown and may be purchased as an option including the knife on The Knife Connection website. Brad Larkin also included a leather sheath for the Guardian3 that can be worn horizontally on the belt, which is preferred to carry a knife of this size. It is possible to purchase two types of Kydex sheaths in addition to the basic issue leather sheath for the Guardian3.

Every year, Bradford Knives continues to produce the best-fixed blade knives in the industry, while progressively expanding its product line to include more models. This includes a neck knife, an improved version of the Guardian 3, and a wider variety of kitchen knives. Whatever the future has in store, Brad’s commitment to customer feedback, his eye for cutting-edge steel, and a legacy of pure devotion will always be the driving force behind high-quality American workmanship.

In terms of daily carry knives, the Bradford Guardian3 is one of the best. This knife has a 3.5-inch blade and a full tang, making it easy to carry and hide on your belt so you may use it all day long. It doesn’t matter if you’re opening a bottle at home or in a warehouse with wires and cartons. The Guardian3 can handle everything.

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