How Are Negative Keywords Different?


For saving your quality score as well as your budget, the negative keywords can play a very good role. If you do not want to spend money on the advertisement of a number of keywords then this information can be given to Microsoft and Google by negative keywords. In order to create an online advertising campaign that is lean and mean, these can act as a secret sauce. Whenever you wish to spend in a search advertisement, don’t forget to use negative keywords. These will prevent you from making investments in the advertisements that are pointless. There is a forecast that on search advertising, an investment of more than $211,000,000,000 will be made by the businesses by 2025. A wastage of a large amount of this spend has been expected. Research suggests that for the poorly performing keywords the search ad budget’s 5 % to 20 % will be used. By using negative keywords, it is possible to reduce this kind of wastage.

Negative keywords

At the time of displaying the ads, it is possible to exclude a number of keywords with the use of negative keywords. Suppose your company manufactures school bags then you can use the following keywords:

  • School bags
  • School bags made of all materials

You can use the following negative search terms so as to prevent yourself from being called as a bag manufacturer that manufactures bags from every material present on the earth:

  • School bags made of Matty
  • School bags made of canvas
  • School bags made of Rexine

Importance of negative keywords

For presenting the relevant advertisements to the audiences, negative search terms can help you a lot. Your click through rate gets improved with this as well as your traffic gets boosted with this tactic. With this, lowering of the overall cost of the ad and boosting its visibility becomes possible.  

Generate your list of negative keywords

Generating the list of negative search terms is not possible in only 5 minutes of brainstorming which you can do for regular keywords. For creating a comprehensive list of negative search terms, you need to brainstorm for a considerable period of time. If you are running a PPC campaign and you want to create a list of negative search terms for it then you can start this in a number of steps:

Use negative keywords for the general purpose

In many situations you don’t want to target a number of keywords. You need to focus on phrases that are more obvious. In this situation, using negative search terms in place of following types of keywords will be a good idea:

  • Location keywords that are irrelevant – Suppose there is a keyword “best shoes in London”. There is a possibility that in some areas of London the people will not find these shoes. So, use negative keywords in which you have to mention the places of London where these shoes are available.
  • Misspelled or ambiguous keywords – Suppose you take interest in placing the ads for selling the equipment of lawn tennis and you don’t want to confuse people with the table tennis equipment then you can use negative keywords for that purpose.
  • Keywords that are inappropriate – Suppose you are selling the hammer then you will not take interest in an advertisement related to your shop where the people are using a hammer for killing someone.

Search related keywords

Just like your negative keywords, you can search the related phrases by using a number of tools for keyword research. As an example, for finding the related terms, using keyword planner will be a good idea.

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