How blue light glasses boost your performance at work


We understand that you have been working hard for your goals and burning the midnight oil. The world is running on the efforts of every person, working towards their goal. While working to attain your aim, you must also take proper care of your health.

You work for countless hours in front of the screens, and while you take a break from it, you switch to Netflix or YouTube to spend some quality time or, as you say ‘chill.’ It is an escape and relaxation for the body and mind but what about your eyes? Eyes muscles are one of the hardest working muscles in the body; they always keep moving, focusing, and seeing things. It becomes your responsibility to take proper care of your eyes.

Blue light

Blue light is a part of the visible light spectrum that is emitted from digital screens and also from LED lights. These lights are not harmful unless overexposed; the light is generally linked to helping memory, boosting knowledge, and even improving attention span. It has also been noticed that blue light also regulates the sleep-wake cycle.

Effects of Blue light

The overexposure to blue light makes things trickier than usual, especially at night. When you use digital screens at night for long hours before sleeping, these lights affect your sleep cycle; that is the reason you wake up late at night using your phones and laptops. It is usually recommended to switch to night mode, which helps in limiting the exposure to blue light and also helps with sleeping.

Constant exposure to blue light can cause eye fatigue, strain, and excessively dry or watery eyes. In some cases, people experience major and minor headaches.

How to prevent blue light  

At no point, you can avoid your digital screens, and at a time where the whole world has shifted towards digital screens, it has become an inseparable part of our lives. You must adapt to some smart technology to tackle such tricky situations where you can spend your whole day in front of the screens and still escape the blue light.

It is usually suggested, by the experts, to use glasses that block blue light emitted from the digital screens from reaching our eyes. From children to adults, everyone needs to switch to blue light glasses. As of now, children cannot escape digital screens due to their shift towards online classes.

Benefits of using blue light glasses

  • Its major attraction is its advanced technology to combat blue light and stop it from reaching our eyes.
  • It helps in providing the ever needed relief to the eyes and escapes from constant fatigue and strain.
  • While these glasses block all the negative effects on your eyes, they will automatically increase your productivity at work.

Other methods to prevent overexposure

Well, there is no such hard and fast rule to be followed to prevent blue light exposure.

  • You can take small breaks in between the work and enjoy the outer beauty.
  • While working on the screens we usually tend to forget to blink making our eyes extremely dry, so it’s recommended to keep blinking your eyes while working for long hours.
  • Maintain a proper distance from the screen. It is not healthy to sit close to the screen as it increases eye strain. So try to maintain a minimum distance while working.
  • Avoid screen time at night to give yourself a good night sleep.

If you face major issues with headaches and strain, it is recommended to visit an ophthalmologist. You can choose from the ocean of glasses online in the UK and select the available designer spectacle frames irrespective of the style to match every occasion.