Horseshoes: What Exactly Are Their Purpose?


Wild horses don’t wear a horseshoe and in this working world if there isn’t a horseshoe under the horse’s feet then he might be suffering from a problem in their feet. The benefit of having horseshoes is the efficiency with which horses work while wearing them, a horse can still do rides and work on the farm without a horseshoe but with them he won’t have limitations of the work. Wild horses don’t wear horseshoes primarily because of two reasons. First is that they don’t have to work so hard as they aren’t always guided under an owner and the second one is that with horseshoes they will require special care and attention and it is not possible since there is no one to look after them. Now let’s take a look at what horseshoes have to offer and for what purposes they are being put under a horse’s feet.

Main Purpose Of Horseshoes

Everyone knows what a horseshoe is and it is very rare to find an individual who doesn’t have an idea about it. All horses except wild ones wear them and they are used to help so that the hoof’s lifespan can be increased. Hoof is a natural part of a horse’s leg and protects it from pressure that is applied to the legs upon doing work. It is made up of keratin , the same thing that our fingernails are made up of and it also has a soft looking part known as a circle, which often gets injured. Horseshoes provide support to the hoof and don’t let them vanish because naturally due to walking and running , usually hoof’s are diminished as a result of exertion.

Circle can also be kept healthy with the use of horseshoes. Horseshoe are also essential for the trail rides that horses perform in order to complete the job that they are assigned with. The hoof wears away faster when rides are done on hard surfaced ground Or some uneven and bouncy surfaces. This can leave horses to get tired easily and they won’t be able to properly work because the cushioning is gone straightaway. Experienced equestrian at horseback riding San Juan Capistrano threw some more light on the horseshoes by explaining how a drill tech is added to the horseshoe and the substance is called Carbraze which is a mixture of tungsten and brass or nickel. This allows safety measures to level up and it also provides extra traction or the upper force in through slippery surfaces.

Structure and Material Used For Horseshoe

The center for horseback riding in Orange county has said that the horseshoe is made up of steel in many cases , but due to horses being used for a wide range of sports , aluminum is also used because it is much lighter and provides a more comfortable feeling to the hoof. Horseshoe are also made in the form of boots which also have the same purpose , it is just slightly different because it covers the legs . Boots are usually made out of rubber and with rubber as a material , softer walking patterns and more support can be experienced.

Way To Put A Horseshoe On Your Horse?

This is done by specialized individuals and they are known as farriers or in some countries Ferrier. They use a special nail to fix the horseshoe with the hoof. Since hoof are made up of keratin and human’s fingernails don’t experience any pain while we cut them , just like that, horses also don’t feel any pain while they are being nailed into their hooves. The trainers for horseback riding Orange County, have observed that mostly horses have a calm personality but they can grow violent if you trigger the wrong points and therefore it is safe to perform the installation under expert guidance. Also when the nails are put , they are bent Into structure such that they take the shape of a hook. Then the sharp points are filed and hence the good fit is attained.

Bottom Line:

The benefits of horseshoe cannot be ignored in our and their lifestyle as well. It increases the efficiency and working of both the owner and the horse and if you are someone who is ready to work with them, try installing a horseshoe first since they can turn your work into a more efficient business. Such is the magic of horseshoes since they were invented and still are prevailing in the modern era to provide the support.