Home Remedies to Overcome Oily Skin Problems

Remedies to Overcome
Remedies to Overcome

People with oily skin in summer cannot apply makeup and have a fresh look for the entire day. Hence, it is essential to try effective home remedies to deal with oily skin. However, if people with acne and oily skin are unable to notice a change in their skin health, they must confer with a dermatologist in Karachi. The specialist will examine the condition and severity of the skin and provide treatment accordingly.

The home Remedies that are known to be effective in dealing with oily skin and related problems are:

●        Daily Use of Facewash: People with oily skin should wash their face at least twice a day with a mild facewash. It is necessary for people with oily skin to avoid using harsh chemicals and soaps on the skin as it may lead o acne breakout and worsen the skin condition.

●        Try Using Blotting Papers: People with oily skin want instant results while working at the office or going to the university. It can cause anxiety and affect the functioning of the person. The blotting papers are cheap and easily available all around the world. The blotting paper helps absorb the excess oil from the skin, and the person gets rid of the greasy look. The person can carry them and use them often.

●        Use Raw Honey: Honey is widely used to reduce acne breakout. It has antibacterial and antimicrobial properties, which helps the person have a clear and cleaner look. Additionally, it contains humectant, which keeps the skin oil-free yet moisturized. The individual with oily skin can apply the raw honey directly on the face for ten minutes and then rinse with warm water.

●        Try Healing Clay: Cosmetic/Healing clays are available worldwide. They help the skin remain oil-free and treat other skin-related problems. The most famous clay known to help remove excess oil from the skin is the french green clay. The method of applying the french green clay is to mix it with rose water, apply it on the face and rinse after fifteen minutes.

●        Oatmeal and Honey Paste: Oatmeal help absorb the oil and reduce skin inflammation. It helps exfoliate the skin, which reduces acne breakout. The person can mic the oatmeal in the water overnight. Mix one tablespoon of raw honey and prepare a face mask. Apply it to the skin and let it dry. Rinse it after twenty minutes and notice the change in appearance.

●        Lemon and White Egg Mixture: Lemon and egg white help tighten the pores and remove excess oil from the skin. Add lemon to the egg whites and apply it on the face in the morning once a week. The person must rinse the face with warm water and use clean towels to dry the face.

●        Almonds and Honey Mixture: Almonds help absorb the oil and exfoliate the skin. However, it is a must to use the powder form in the honey, or else it can cause redness and itchiness. The person should apply the mixture and massage in circular motions to clean the dirt and dead cells.

●        Diluted Form of Aloe Vera Gel: The alow vera helps fight acne and remove impurities from the skin. However, direct use of the fresh aloe vera gel on the skin can cause itchiness, discomfort, and redness. Using aloe vera in diluted form can help remove dirt and oil from the skin.

●        Sugar and Tomato Paste: Tomatoes contain salicylic acid that helps fight acne and unclog the pores. The person should mix sugar with tomato paste and apply it to the face to notice a visible change in appearance.

●        Jojoba Oil: Jojoba oil help fight acne, remove dirt, and improve overall skin health. The use of a few drops of jojoba oil in the morning on the face can help remove dirt and overcome oily skin problems.People with skin conditions should visit one of the Skin specialists in Islamabad, who can help provide guidance regarding effective and latest treatment options Read more