Hire A Digital Marketing Agency By Keeping A Check On 7 Important Points

Digital Marketing Agency
Businessmen working on strategic planning

Doing business in 2022 is transforming to a great extent. In a world full of digital marketing, no new business can afford to run a business only with traditional marketing strategies. When India is entering into a new world of start-ups and investors are likely to invest handsome money in it, people need to change the perspective of doing business. What an investor looks into a startup is the revenue, equity, and ideas but what they also see is your internet presence. You can just have an internet presence you need to promote it as well. 

You might be thinking, what do you need to focus on the profits or the internet presence. Well, you do your work let digital marketing do the talking. For that matter, you can surely hire Online Marketing Ottawa who will look into your promotions and internet presence. The question which arises here is, what you need to check before going ahead with a specific digital marketing company. In today’s competitive market, you can find a lot of digital marketing companies near you. You need to pick the perfect one for you. For that, you can keep a checklist, if you are all the ticks, go ahead with that. 

Below are some checkpoints you can keep before going ahead with a digital marketing agency.


You need to know about the expertise of the company you are hiring. Every agency has its strength, in which they are the best. It can be digital marketing, Web Development, social media management, or even design. You can ask them as many questions to understand the basics and how they can boost up your online presence which will lead you to the business and potential clients.


Hiring a digital agency is like hiring a partner, before you onboard a partner you need to understand their level of experience in the industry. Also, your requirements must align with their level of experience. As you can’t only rely on their past clients. This is because the situation of the product and their success rate differs accordingly. Digital Marketing Agency Ottawa suggests one must have experience of at least 5 years.


You must have clarity that which team member of the agency is working on your project. Also, if you have access to contact each one of them directly. Sometimes, due to various communication channels, the message loses its actual meaning. If they are not responding to such questions it’s a red flag for you. Your access to every individual working on your project will decrease the time consumption and ambiguity.


Another important check you must take is the metrics of their success rate. The primary motive of hiring an agency should be fulfilled. They must show you if they have increased the traffic or conversion rates. You must make it clear from the very beginning.

Corporate Culture

The corporate culture of the agency must align with yours. They must be creative and look for collaborations. It will give you an insight into their hiring process and selection procedures. This will help you in the final decision.

Sales Funnel

Creativity is one thing, but the agency must have its strategies. It should have a goal to achieve. You need to keep a check if the agency has the expertise of doing the process efficiently. Right from the start, the agency must have a funnel to increase the traffic and bring you, potential clients. You can also ask them if they have worked with similar companies like you.

Handling Deadlines

Do they have a concerned person or SPOC, who will update about the project? Monthly Reports? Ranking on Google SERP (Search Engine Results Page). These questions will tell you about the agency. Also, will help you make the decision.

You can select an agency majorly on this basis. The questions and checkpoints may vary according to your company type and requirements.