What to know before you hire a contractor

hire a contractor

When you need your home painted, it can be tempting to go with the cheapest bidder. But if you get a low-quality paint job, you end up having to pay for it again in the long run. You may have to repaint sooner because of peeling or chipping due to inferior quality materials and workmanship. Or worse yet, you could end up with a house that looks like an eyesore instead of a great place where people want to live. So, what’s the solution? The solution is; you should hire a contractor with a proper Contract Management system!

The reason is simple: Painting contractors like Epoxy Bros use different methods and materials than homeowners do when they paint their own houses. What’s more, there are all sorts of jobs that only professionals should tackle—for example, painting ceilings or trimming out windows and doors so they fit properly.

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1. Know what you want to be done

It’s important to think through all the details of your painting job before you hire a contractor. Talk to at least three painters about what they would do for your home. Discuss what surfaces they would paint (such as drywall, wood or stucco), how they plan on preparing them and how many coats will be needed. Then, when you’re talking to a contractor, don’t forget to ask what type of paint they would use and how many coats they would put on.

2. Get at least 3 estimates from different contractors

Your first choice would be Epoxy Bros, however; if you are not satisfied then you can get at least 3 estimations from different contractors around you.

3. Make sure they have a license and insurance

It is mandatory for any contractor to have a license so make sure the contractor you are hiring has one before you start with them.

Insurance is also very important because it will cover any damages which might occur during the painting job. Make sure the insurance company approves the estimated cost that was estimated by the professional painter.

4. Check their references to make sure they’ve worked on projects like yours before

The contractor you are hiring should have references from other clients who have had similar projects before. This will make sure the professional has successfully completed work like yours before and that they know what they are doing.

5. Have the contractor walk through your home with you to point out any concerns or potential problems

Before the work begins, it is the responsibility of the contractor to point out any potential problems. If they dodge their responsibilities then you should not hire them for your home painting project.

6. Ask for a detailed, written estimate of exactly what work will be done and how much it will cost

The written estimate should tell you everything that will be done and if any materials aren’t included. If the contractor tells you something else then they are not being honest with you and you shouldn’t do business with them.

7. Verify licensing and insurance credentials for each trade

Checking licenses and insurance is important because it will make sure the contractor has what they need for the job. If they don’t then you should not hire them.


Painters are important to have on your team for any home improvement project. The best painters will understand the importance of what they’re doing and be able to talk about it with you in detail before starting work. It’s also vital that your painter is licensed, insured, has references from previous jobs like yours, and knows how to do their job without wasting materials or time. Check out our list of five things you should know when hiring a professional house painter!