Here’s How to Select Trending Shoes for Women: Women Style Guide


It is undeniable that women share a special relationship with their shoes. Shoes significantly impact how our outfits look and how we feel about ourselves. However, finding the right shoes for women may not be as easy. Whether you are heading to the cafe for a casual meet-up with friends or the basketball court, we offer a perfect guide to choosing the right shoes for women. 

Match your Shoes with your Bag or Belt:

One of the oldest fashion rules says you must match your bag/belt with your shoes. So, the idea is to create a cohesiveness or ’bonded’ look by repeating colors, not more than twice. So, when you buy shoes for women, try to match them with either your bag, belt, or jewellery, but not everything.

Your sneaker Choice Must Compliment your Outfit:

The sneakers you buy must not compete but complement your outfit. If you are wearing a monotone or plain outfit, you can choose flashy shoes, and again, if you wear subdue ones, you can wear dazzling dresses. The whole idea is to create a balance in your overall look. You do not want a dull look or any particular item in your outfit to stand out. To create a flattering look, try not to match the color of your shoes with your outfit.

Yes, your body type matters when it comes to choosing shoes. Here we share with you a brief guide: 

Choose Colours Wisely:

While buying shoes for women, look for tones that go well with your outfit. Neutral with neutral, dark with dark, and light with light goes well. Black sneakers go well with most colours except pastels. You can pair off white or white sneakers with bright neon colors, pastels, light neutrals, or whites.

 Never Compromise with Comfort:

You need to know the right size to get the best shoes for women. Getting the correct measurement is very important; for this, you will need a pencil, ruler, and paper.

You can trace your foot on paper and carefully map your heels, sides, and toes. After that, use a ruler to measure the length and width from “side-to-side” and bottom to top. 

Ask for Help:

Do not shy away from asking for help when buying shoes for women from stores. Seek the opinions of salespersons to find your fit. Walk around wearing them to feel them properly.

Then focus on the flexibility too. Your sneakers should bend sufficiently. To ensure you have enough torque, you can twist both ends of the shoes. These careful considerations will save you from painful heels, toe cramps, or aching soles.

Sneaker Quality:

When buying shoes for women, ask yourself these three simple questions:

  1. Is it sturdy?
  2. Is it good quality?
  3. Is it clean?

By looking at the symmetry of PUMA shoes, you can judge the quality and construction of the shoes. Good brands ensure shoe parts of both pairs are aligned correctly. Also, check if the material and lining match the finish, overlay, and colour. 

Keep in Mind your Activities:

Sneakers for women are a popular fashion item that supports you in sports, hiking, gym, and running.  You must know the activity for which you buy a pair. Some sneakers are designed for walking, while others are better suited for hiking.

Be Realistic:

Too worn-out shoes will not offer the desired comfort and fit. Experts suggest you change them every 12 months. Additionally, you shouldn’t wear a single pair all the time even if you have your favourites; interchange and try wearing all the teams you have to increase the longevity of your shoes.

Sneakers are probably the most versatile options that complement everything from a summery dress to jeans. Jordan shoes for women are one of the best examples of iconic shoes that can match any outfit. With endless possibilities, it might be difficult for you to choose the right one for yourself. However, with our above guide, you can now decide what is right for you..