Heirloom Quality Handmade Hunting Knives


The Knife Connection is an online knife dealer dedicated to offering every knife enthusiast the finest options including handmade hunting knives for their collections.

Hunting knives are not necessarily exclusive for cutting and/or skinning animals in the wild. It’s just purely history and it has been called that way by folks since time immemorial. Anyone can pick their hunting knife for any kind of use such as camp chores, cutting twine, or any other things where a small blade is necessary to complete a task. What makes hunting knives distinct are their sharp points and wide slicing bellies.

There are many brands that make handmade hunting knives specifically for hunting with unique designs handcrafted to fit your specific requirements. Here are the brands that have been making beautiful handmade hunting knives.

Winkler Knives
Winkler Knives’ Belt Knife is the brands’ most popular design being that is also a premium quality handmade hunting knife. An ideal tool for all tactical operators and knife enthusiasts, the Belt Knife is well balanced with the right size and feel to get the job done. The Belt Knife is perfect for dressing and processing of large and/or extra-large game.

This knife has a 5-inch blade length and an overall length of around 9-inches with a blade thickness of .200 inches. It also has a fully exposed tapered tang and a gorgeous sculpted maple handle. It comes with a free leather drop loop sheath backer when purchased from The Knife Connection.

Another excellent custom knife Winkler Knives made for discriminating users who want the finest is the Standard Duty 2. It is a premium knife designed to be carried around legally and is also very effective when used in finer tasks. This is a Caswell black no-glare finish light-weight knife with a 3.25-inch blade length and an overall length of 7 inches. It provides extreme cutting performance for a handmade hunting knife, wonderful for everyday carry, hunting, military use, and many others.

W.A. Surls Knives
With fresh modern ideas, a newly established knife maker from the state of Georgia—Allen Surls has been making noise in the knife-making business. His specialty is handcrafting fixed blades preferably with CPM 154 stainless steel.

His custom-made Loveless Pattern Field and Stream fixed blade has a mirror finish with an evergreen burlap handle. It has a 3.125-inch blade length and an overall length of 7.5 inches with a .166-inch thickness. This blade is a great choice for hunters who want a strong and versatile blade by their side.

Fiddle Forge
Andy Roy, tool and knife maker, owner of Fiddle Forge Knives has been forging knives since 2007. He takes great pride in his work especially with this new Fiddle Forge’s Edkarda with great handle function and excellent blade design that does the job awfully right. With this blade, he uses an A2 Tool Steel, enough to be placed as a top-performing cutting tool. Andy is a true craftsman and was even inducted into the Georgia Knifemakers Guild in 2010.

The Bear Cub is a dainty knife that makes a great everyday carry knife. Whether you need to slice an apple, cut some paracord or cut some cardboard for a project, the Bear Cub will easily handle these tasks while also being the perfect hunting companion. The blade profile is a great knife for cleaning game of small and medium sizes.

With a fully flat tang and a black&brown canvas micarta handle finish, this knife is a great-looking collector piece as well.

Arno Bernard Knives
The Arno Bernard Custom Cheetah Fixed Blade Knife of the Predator Series is a handcrafted fixed knife that’s ready for action when used for big game hunting, medium bushcraft tasks, camping, and survival. With a satin finish blade and a tapered tang to give it excellent balance in the hand, each knife of this series is actually hand-polished.

Looking for a custom handmade knife that isn’t mass-produced and could be passed down as an heirloom? Check out theknifeconnection.com to find amazing handcrafted blades that are perfect for your needs.

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