Have A Look At How Sour Diesel Strain Is Helpful

Diesel Strain

The popular sativa marijuana strain, Sour Diesel, also referred to as “Sour D” and “Sour Deez,” was created by crossing Chemdawg and Super Skunk. The effects of sour diesel are lucid, intellectual, quick-acting, and stimulating. The aroma of diesel permeates the flavour profile of this strain. Patients who use medical marijuana often choose Sour Diesel to help with stress, pain, and depression symptoms. According to growers, it takes 77 days for this strain to flower, and it thrives outdoors in a dry atmosphere. Sour Diesel first became famous in the early 1990s and has been legendary ever since.

You’ll immediately understand how a Sour Diesel spliff gained its moniker after taking one sniff. Your senses will be titillated by its potent gasoline aroma with a little citrus undertone as your mind is transported to a euphoric, energising high.

90% sativa, 10% indica, Sour Diesel Strain is one of the most popular sativa strains out there. The emergence of the leaves and buds will let you know right away that you’re about to experience an exhilarating buzz. The calyxes of Sour Diesel are larger and rounder, the leaves are lighter green with darker sugar undersides, and the pistils, which shoot out like flames, range in colour from a light peach to a toasty hot orange. This little beauty is proof that Mother Nature can be one hot mama.

Its strong, petrol-like aroma that sticks to the buds and lingers in the air after you’ve lit one is the distinguishing feature of sour diesel. Depending on your personal nose, you will be able to determine when the “sour” component enters the picture. When opening a bag of Sour Diesel, the stronger the aroma, the better. If you enjoy hanging around gas stations, catching the mild high that comes with filling up your tank, then you’re in for a real treat. And don’t worry if your factories aren’t huge fans of the clean diesel smell; sour diesel tastes much sweeter than it smells, and the buzz it gives you will make it all worthwhile.


The precise origin of Sour Diesel has been obscured by a well-smoked haze for more than ten years. Some claim breeder ChemDog to be the founding father of this particular strain, having developed it in the early 90’s from a cross of Chemdog Northern Lights and Skunk phenotypic.

Others think it’s a bizarre cross between the Original Diesel strain (ChemDawg + Super Skunk + Northern Lights) and an unidentified Skunk phenotype (Skunk + Hawaiian + Northern Lights).

Whether it is the marijuana industry’s bastard offspring or not, the dedicated cannabis smoker is not deterred by its murky beginnings.

Effects of the strain that Energise:

You don’t have to wait till 4:20 to take advantage of this well-liked strain’s energising effects. The best time to light one up is first thing in the morning. You’ll feel energised and prepared to face the day after a passionate wake and bake session.

Having a crisis in the living room? Backyard covered with a flurry of leaves from both this fall and the previous one? Take a bowl of Sour Diesel, make the Missus or Mister happy, and start tearing through those chores.

Whereas indica strains are known for inducing a calm, zoned-out mental and bodily climate, at times unconducive to coherent social interaction, sativa strains top it at the other end of the energy scale. The cerebral high from Sour Diesel, which is 90% sativa, is as ecstatic as it gets. It affects only the head, leaving the body to do as it pleases, so there’s no risk of day-long couchlock with this particular breed.

The energy Sour Diesel creates is focused and laser sharp, stimulating your creativity and flicking your switch on to a heightened mental state. In no time, you’ll be turned into a mean, cleaning, idea-generating machine.


A classic sativa mind high, such as that from Sour Diesel, is energising, invigorating, and creative. Patients with depression and stress are recommended Sour Diesel for its obvious and almost instant effect on mood. Because of its potency, users must be careful they don’t let their racing thoughts overwhelm them.

Sour diesel helps with anxiety.

Some people with anxiety like the sense of euphoria they get from Sour Diesel, but others find the sativa high potentially overpowering or paranoia-inducing.


Sour Diesel smells like gasoline with a hint of citrus and some sour milk.

Regarding the sour diesel strain:

Shrouded in mystery but known to all, sour diesel has been a staple cannabis strain since the 1990s. The legend states an unlicensed market grower in NYC named “A-hole Joe” created Sour Diesel after accidentally letting a Super Skunk plant he bought in Amsterdam pollinate a Chemdawg in his secret grow house. The new sativa strain earned its name for the extremely pungent smell that can leak through any bag or jar.

As Connor Bland writes on Whaxy, “After consuming, I went on a High Urban Hike throughout downtown Denver, and felt that it was a great strain choice for an activity such as this.”