Hatta Trip – A Perfect Family Getaway

Hatta Trip
Hatta Trip

Tired of staying in one of the most visited cities in the world, Dubai? While it’s true that Dubai is one of the most attractive and mesmerizing cities in the world, you cannot spend all your visiting time in viewing the tall buildings and exploring shopping malls. You will soon get bored from all of this. Moreover, you will also want some time to spend in a peaceful place.

So, whenever wanting to escape from the hustle and bustles of your busy life, pack your bags and head towards Hatta. Hatta is a small, peaceful, close to nature, and heritage village. It is just 135 KM away from the City of Gold, Dubai. It is a perfect getaway from the boring routine with your family.  You will find yourself very close to nature during your stay at Hatta.

However, before heading towards Hatta, you must know important things about it. Following are some important details about it.

Best Time to Visit Hatta

The best time to visit Hatta is the spring season. During hot or cold weather conditions, all the activities in Hatta remained inhibited by the Government. Other than spring, you can also visit it during September and October. It is an even more perfect time than spring. The weather conditions are excellent during this period. The temperature remains 20 to 25 degrees Celsius. You can perform any activity during this period.

How to reach Hatta?

The best way to reach Hatta is via road trip. First, get yourself in Dubai, and from there take a road trip towards Hatta. The journey towards Hatta is also a beautiful experience. Hatta is surrounded by tall mountains. So when you drive on these stony paths, it boosts your excitement levels. These paths and high mountains are also main attractions for a number of tourists.

Things to Do at Hatta

After reaching Hatta, you will explore a new world of joy and happiness. The thrills and amazing activities available here are a treat to enjoy. Here are some of the important features of a Hatta tour. Never miss any single of them during your visit to Hatta.

Mountain Biking

After reaching Hatta get your bicycle or bike and start exploring the mountainous regions. There are branches of mountain paths spreading everywhere. Riding your favorite bicycle on these uneven paths will definitely give you goosebumps. You will feel excited about having such a thrilling ride.


Staying in a village surrounded by mountains and not going hiking, it’s impossible! As soon as you get to Hatta, take a nap, have your meal, and plan for hiking. In the evening, put on your hiking shoes, hold a stick, put on your backpack, hold a torch, and head towards the mountain for hiking. The evening will be the best time as you will see the beautiful scenes and many amazing creatures at that time.


Enjoying your journey through water will be an amazing thing. Hatta dam is present near Hatta. Book a kayak and start kayaking there. It’s the best way to explore the Hatta dam. Having a vast reservoir of water under your kayak and warm Arabian sun on your top will make your day. Make sure to click some pictures of yourself during this thrilling activity. Remember that you have to follow the time. The time for kayaking in Hatta dam is 10 am to 5 pm. 

Visit to Hatta Heritage World

Hatta heritage village is one of the main attractions in Hatta. Hatta heritage village is surrounded by beautiful landscapes. Old antiques and emirates present inside the village are the main heritage. It will reflect the lifestyle of Arabs at an early age. You will learn about how they used to live when there were not enough facilities.

Moreover, old Arabian dresses are also present there. They give us an account of the weather at that time and how people keep themselves protected from it. Weapons and musical instruments are also present there. You can relax and have a lavish meal there.


You too will be willing to spend some time in the Hatta village with your family. Book your tour towards hatta and leave the worries behind. Happy escape to a peaceful and adventurous place.