Hatchback Heavyweight – A Look at The New Skoda Scala


Competing with the likes of the Toyota Corolla, or the VW Golf is no mean feat, but the new Skoda Scala is slowly turning quite a few heads in the hatchback space. The sleek and dynamic silhouette of the Scala makes this a timeless family car that’s definitely going to be a nice addition to many households around Australia. This Skoda Scala review will be examining the new hatchback and why it could be the next heavyweight in its class.

Surprising Boot Space

One of the most notable features of the new Skoda Scala is its generous boot space in the back. You’ll be able to hold all sorts of goods and sporting equipment for the whole family in the 467L boot space, which has the ability to turn into 1410L when the rear seats are put down. One great feature in the boot (as a part of Skoda’s “Simply Clever” design language) is the addition of the luggage hooks, allowing you to hook up your bags or anything that needs to be put in a secure position when driving.

Comfortable Cabin

Although some hatchbacks feel like you’re stepping into a space where you can’t move, the Skoda Scala breaks the mould and delivers a roomy and comfortable cabin. The sleek interior design adds to the ambience inside, as the dashboard features the nice touch of LED ambient lights running along its edge.

One optional addition in the Ambition model is the Driver Support Pack, which gives you nice heated front seats to provide you with the ultimate luxurious and comfortable driving experience that you wouldn’t necessarily expect from a hatchback.

Technology Focused

If you’re someone who wants your car to match the ability of your tech, the smartphone compatibility with the Scala is right up your alley. The wireless Apple CarPlay and cabled connected Android Auto features seamlessly adds the compatible apps on your smartphone to the Scala infotainment display. Spotify, messages and maps are all accessible without having to touch your phone. Plus, the QI Wireless charging pod in the centre console is the perfect place to store your phone and keep it charged at the same time when you’re driving the Scala.

Intelligent Safety Solutions

As a car that would suit all city environments, the safety solutions are a great match to your surroundings. With all sorts of things that could potentially cause an accident on the roads, the Skoda Scala front assist with predictive pedestrian protection helps keep you and pedestrians safe, as the area in front of your car is constantly monitored and warns you if someone is dashing in front of the Scala.

You’ll also get adaptive cruise control, where a radar sensor on the front grille of the car tracks the cars ahead of you, helping it to seamlessly accelerate and brake to a specific distance and speed set by you. This is super useful for keeping a safe distance between you and the traffic in front of you.

Simply Clever Indeed

The simplicity of the design in combination with the technological features of the Skoda Scala makes it a car that could suit the lifestyle of all sorts of different drivers. You can expect to see more of these hatchbacks on the roads in years to come as the Skoda continue to push their influence on the Australian market.