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All around America, as April runs to an end, one of the days we look forward to in the new month is Labor Day. At KBO Bikes, we value customer health and satisfaction and would like to be the first to wish you a happy Labor Day celebration. We would like to know, are you riding your e-bike on Labor Day?

The Labor Day Story

Did you know Labor Day used to be celebrated on the first Monday in September? Yes, but it was changed so that the day recalling the labor movement will not be associated with the Socialist movement getting popular at the time.

The feast is celebrated to remember the deaths of some anarchists in the United States who held a protest in 1886. Labor Day or May 1, is now recognized in the United States and many other countries as the international labor day or day of the workers.

The history behind May 1 is quite bloody. What had happened was workers were already at loggerheads with authority, demanding the eight-hour work-day. They reasoned that if they worked for 8 hours, they could sleep for 8 hours and have 8 hours with their family, equaling a day well spent.

The problem was that the United States still retained laws that allowed an 18-hour maximum work session per day for one person with cause. Exceeding this time attracted a fine of $25, which many were content to pay if caught. The Union then decided that from May 1, 1886, the maximum workday would be 8 hours, and any employer who breached this risked triggering a ‘great strike’ that had been threatened by the Union.

The threat worked in some places, and workers were treated fairly. In other places, the strike started as management refused to acquiesce to workers’ demands. The clashes between workers and the police in Chicago were exceptionally bloody and lasted at least four days.

On May 4, an explosion in the Haymarket Square had a policeman among the slain. By this time, the tension between the police and the workers had reached a climax, and trouble was looming. This resulted in the authorities blaming the workers and more than 30 people arrested for their radical ideas.

Eight ‘anarchist’ workers were sentenced to death, although three of them were later remanded to prison while the death sentence was retained for the remaining five. Of the five, three were journalists, one a carpenter, and the fifth a typographer. These five were later dubbed ‘the martyrs of Chicago’ in 1889 when on May 1, the eight-hour work-day and the Day of the Worker were declared into law.

Today, May 1 is celebrated as a holiday in other countries as well. On Google, you can see doodles depicting May 1 and the workers of various sectors.

Cool Ideas For Labor Day

There are cool ways to go about enjoying the rest of your summer, especially on Labor Day. From spending time outside fishing to catching winds on e-bikes, many want to tap into the benefits of the remaining summertime.

Here are some ways we recommend for you to get the best out of riding your e-bike on Labor Day.

  • Ride A Popular Trail

With the Electric Cargo Bike KBO Ranger, you can enjoy premium locations like the Ohio & Erie Canal Towpath, which is an ideal start for e-bike excursions up and down the Cuyahoga Valley Nationwide Park’s part of the Towpath Path. The path measures almost 20 miles. The KBO Ranger e-bike comes with an outstanding 840Wh lithium-ion which can go 60 miles on a single charge.

The Towpath Path has been recommended as ideal for all ranges of riders of ranging levels of experience. This is due to how relatively flat and quite extensive it is, aiding the rider who has a level of experience with pathways. The KBO Ranger e-bike comes with a Shimano 7-speed gear shifter built to allow you to change gears on the fly to adapt to different terrains.

With an in-house frame design, the lower, but wider tires are built for a lower center of gravity to ensure a safer riding experience while giving that fat-tire e-bike look we all adore.

  • Enjoy A Fishing Day

Grab your KBO Breeze e-bike, add some beer and bait into a cooler, add a tenting chair to your rear rack, and you are set to fish in the East Fifty-fifth Avenue Marina. Go catch some Lake Erie fish. The accessibility is so great the distance between your fishing spot, and your e-bike could be about a couple of dozen steps only.

At the marina store, you can get bait and hooks if you go with none or in case you exhausted yours. There are two sweet spots to consider with one serving as the main entrance to the lake and the other being the marina facet where various species of edible fish can be caught.

  • Paddle In A Lake

Lake areas tend to have beautiful views, especially of sunrise and sunset. Another cool thing to do while enjoying some Labor Day fun is to try paddling in a lake with a view, e.g the Portage Lakes.

Take a ride down on your KBO Breeze Step-Thru, an e-bike suitable for riding smoothly on the most rugged terrain.

The Portage Lakes is all about enjoying the views and riding in one of the beautiful kayaks available for rental. There is a rental store available at this location for renting solo and tandem kayaks. You also have access to standup paddleboards and canoes in which you can immerse yourself in the beauty of nature.

Additionally, with the amount of wildlife available, you can spot and take pictures of different beautiful species of birds from mallards to hawks. Being a lakeside, there are tons of hens and waterfowl that people might find interesting or fairly uncommon.

In Conclusion

At KBO Electric Bikes, we value customer health and satisfaction as this is our only indication of a service well rendered. This is why we have recommended some of our special e-bikes for you to maximize the enjoyment of vacationing on your day off during the Labor Day celebration.

Consider our e-bikes when taking a leisurely ride around town to some destinations special to you, down some popular trails, or going on a fishing trip. Our e-bikes are designed specially to deliver you safely to your getaway. With the high rear-rack payload provided by our e-bikes, your gear is safe and secure.

Remember, every KBO e-bike boasts longer battery life and is equipped with the latest innovations in e-bike technology so that you can enjoy riding faster for longer.