Top benefits of using half box soap packaging for your business

half box soap packaging

We all use half box soap packaging, and they come in all sorts of sizes, shapes, designs, and packaging options. One of them is half-box packaging. It is one of the prevalent ways to showcase a bar of soap. Whether you use a full or half box soap packaging is purely up to you, but you cannot deny certain advantages of using half-box soap packing, and here we discuss just that. So, if you want to know more about it, this one is for you.

Half-box packaging and its meaning:

First, let us try to understand what does half-box soap packaging mean? Simply put, it is a bar of soap in a box that is open-ended. Usually, it’s only got the bottom half in the form of an interlocking flap or a straight tuck closing flap. The top half can be in a straight cut, or you can give it a custom cut to complement the shape or size of your soap.

Another name for half-box packaging is holster boxes. Both names have acceptance and acknowledgment among the masses.

What materials do you use to produce half-boxes?

There is no unique or particular material to use half-boxes. You can use the same material to produce full soapboxes. These include the usual cardboard, corrugated material, Kraft paper, or rigid material. The only consideration should be that the material should be top-quality and free from impurities. The half-box should hold the soap comfortably without it getting deformed or spoiled.

Benefits of half-box soap packaging:

Now that we have understood what a half-box is, let’s take a look at some of their key advantages as follows;

They are ideal for soaps:

A potential soap buyer would love to get the feel of the soap by touching it, smelling it, or rubbing it against the skin. Half-box packaging allows them to do that. All he has to do is slide out the soap, feel it and then put it back. It makes it easier for them to make the purchase decision. If you are introducing a new soap brand, you better use the half box soap packaging to acquaint your product better to the customers.

half box soap packaging

It will cost you less:

This one is not hard to understand. Half boxes will cost you less because they use less material than a full box. It makes them an attractive choice, especially when you are short on budget and want to save your dough for other things.

It’s pretty easy to assemble:

A half box is straightforward to assemble. The labor will not have a hard time understanding its optics. They can learn its dynamics in no time. It is a simple open-ended box from one

It will save you time and money:

Because it is easy to assemble and takes little material to produce, it will save you money and time. The labor employed to make it can complete it in very little time and charge you less than what they o for the whole box.

Half boxes are good for the environment:

Whether you use an eco-friendly material like Kraft paper or regular cardboard, half boxes are a piece of good news for the environment. It is because they use less paper to get produced and consequently the footprint of there would also be less than full boxes.

They offer unparalleled convenience:

Half boxes are simple to use and pretty straightforward in every way. But that doesn’t make them any less valuable. There is no compromise on their functionality. They do their job pretty well and are perfect for soaps and other products.

It helps in brand and product promotion:

Half boxes are perfect for promoting your company’s brand and the product itself. Everything is on display there, which an onlooker can see and make up his mind about buying the product.

They will make your product unique:

Another great advantage of custom boxes is that they make your soaps stand out in the crowd. The very design of half boxes is such that you can not help but notice them. In a rack filled with full boxes, your half box will surely attract the buyers’ eyes and make your products unique and special.

They are available in different signs and sizes:

A half box is not handicapped by its size. And, if that consolation is not sufficient for you, then we share with you another good thing about custom sizes. It depends on how you want the packaging to turn out and the soap’s size.

half box soap packaging

Print add-ons to beautify your box:

There are several printing options that you can use on your custom boxes. You can use them on your packages to truly make them captivating and stylish. Some of the popular add-ons include;

Glossy or matte finishing or coating
Spot UV printing
Stamp foiling in gold or silver
Embossing or debossing
Printed lamination

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In this section, we recall what we have already discussed above. Half boxes are a sure way to get noticed and compete with other brands. We hope you will find this article valuable and inspiring.