What Are Halal Holidays? And Why do Muslims Prefer It?


Halal holidays mean that you are planning your trip in accordance with Islamic principles. A lot of people are still unaware of the halal holidays concept. But those who follow Islam and its teaching know exactly what it is and why Muslims prefer it.  

It might include visiting mosques and Islamic landmarks as a part of your vacation and staying within the bounds of Islamic law is as important. Halal tourism caters specifically to Muslims and offers services that are allowed in Islam. Anything that Allah (SWT) approves of or even commands is considered Halal. Muslims like to travel with their families and for this purpose, they choose halal family holidays so that they won’t feel disturbed or distracted at all.

What Do Halal Family Holidays Include?

  • Food without any haram dish or alcohol
  • Choosing fish or vegetarian dishes instead of prohibited choices available
  • Keep an eye on your environment
  • Check that nothing you’re doing is forbidden by Islam’s sharia law
  • Stay away from the hotel if they have a party room, a bar, or a band

There are several Muslim-friendly attractions and entertainment options at each of the tourist destinations. Although they are not labeled as halal, you can analyze them and enjoy your time. There are a lot of fun activities, games, as well as food that are halal. To plan your halal family holidays, you must consider all activities and destinations that don’t go against the values espoused by Islam.

Muslims Adhere to A Particular Set of Beliefs and Practices

Some Muslims may compromise on doctrine depending on their level of devotion to Allah and their own interpretation of Islam. Still, others opt to celebrate their holidays in a fully Halal manner. Some people, for instance, might eat at a restaurant that sells pork and alcohol, but they will not have it themselves. Some people avoid eating at locations that provide these things altogether. This shows that no one is breaking the rules however their practice is different.

For Muslims, the concept of “Halal travel” may have a wide range of interpretations, depending on their personal understanding of Islam and the depth of their religion. Some devout Muslims will only book a vacation at a hotel if it has prayer rooms and activities that don’t require them to involve in haram.  They place a premium on creating a halal atmosphere, and one way they do this is by staying in resorts and hotels that are specifically designed to accommodate Muslims.