Guest Posting Services France: How The Process Works


Do you know about the easiest and tested way of bringing loads of backlinks and traffic to your website? And the best thing about the method is that it doesn’t involve magic or trickery. Well, using guest posting services france is the right way to achieve your content marketing goals. Here’s how!

What Is Guest Posting?

Evident from its name, guest posting is the process of asking popular blogs to publish your content. It’s just like the old-school way of getting in someone’s home as a guest and asking them to do a favor for you (but in a win-win way). Guest Posting brings enormous benefits to both you and the publisher.

In simple terms, a guest posting campaign consists of these steps:

  • Finding top bloggers in your niche.
  • Learning about their style and editorial guidelines.
  • Building a great relationship with the bloggers. 
  • Searching active email addresses of the top bloggers.
  • Coming up with content ideas they’d love to publish.
  • Shooting them an email that grabs their attention.
  • Writing fantastic content that brings value to their blog.
  • Rinse and repeat!

Doing all this on your own is difficult indeed. Therefore, many smart companies and online businesses acquire guest posting services for superb results. Well, whether you decide to do all this by yourself or choose to go with a trusted SEO company, you should know about the process in detail. So keep reading!

Finding The Bloggers

There is no use in publishing guest posts on sites that have no readership. Your only choice is to work with blogs that have a loyal audience and love to read the content on your blog. Google (and other search engines) only recognize the backlinks from authoritative blogs.

Don’t worry, here’s what to do for finding blogs that both search engines and readers love:

  • Paste your target keyword into the search bar and look for top-ranking blogs
  • Analyze whether they regularly publish in your target industry or not.
  • Look for the comments from the readers and the number of social shares of the blog.
  • Prefer blogs that have published long-form and detailed content in the past.
  • Broaden your search with other keywords and repeat the strategies mentioned above.

Following these steps, you will have a list of top blogs with a fanbase and rank well in search engines. However, if you cannot find blogs this way, you can use tools and AllTop and Alexa to find relevant blogs in your industry.

Scanning Their Content

Look, all blogs are not the same! Only those that publish original and helpful content are worth your time. Getting backlinks from old-fashioned and useless blogs (even if they top in search results) is not going to lead you anywhere. Follow these tips while finalizing the list of your target blogs:

  • Check if they provide links to relevant sources.
  • Ensure that they post long-form and engaging content.
  • Verify that the tone of their content pleases their readers.

You will get the links from these blogs, so checking all the boxes and confirming that they are worth your time is the key. Don’t try getting backlinks from blogs that will hurt your rankings and authority in the future: play safe and look out for any signs of warnings.

Building A Relation

Top blogs are not that easy to work with. Their unparalleled work ethic makes them top the search engines. So, don’t expect them to be willing with your website unless you provide an excellent service or they love your company. After all, they want to share content that will please their readership with incredible value.

Here’s how you build a strong relationship with your target blogs:

  1. Regularly comment on their blog posts.
  2. Follow their social accounts and stay engaged with them.
  3. Praise their content and provide helpful suggestions if possible.

This way, if you shoot them an email in the future, they’ll already know about you. Making it easier for them to say “yes” to publishing your content is the key.

Finding Their Email Address

Don’t waste your time by sending emails to inactive email addresses. Here’s what to do for getting the email addresses of top bloggers:

  • Check the Twitter and LinkedIn accounts of the bloggers.
  • Search for the blog’s name on the tool called “”
  • Make sure to check the “write for us” and “contact us” pages.

Brainstorming Content Ideas

Remember that the top bloggers are willing to share any piece of quality and informative content. Here’s how to pitch the stories that they will love to post on their blog:

  1. Find the topics that are famous among their audience.
  2. Give a unique perspective on the popular queries in your industry.
  3. Analyze the content that ranks on the internet and find the missing links in the content

Make sure to pitch them around 3-5 ideas so they can better understand your creative process.

Writing The Email

The email you send your target blog can either make or break the deal. Getting published on their site for earning a quality backlink and getting traffic from them is possible if you come up with an outstanding email. Remember these Do’s of writing super emails:

  • Write an email headline that captures their attention.
  • Address the blogger by their name and send proper greetings
  • Mention what you learned from their content and what is exciting about them
  • Tell them how your post will engage their readers and give them unmatched value.
  • Encourage them to contact you as soon as possible.

Writing The Content

If you follow all the steps given above, you may have gotten confirmation from your target blog to write on a topic. Here’s how you come up with content that they will happily approve on their blog:

  • Thoroughly research your topic and find sources to cite in your content.
  • Follow their tone and comply with their editorial guidelines.
  • Write easy-to-read and engaging content that grabs attention.


Guest posting is the most-organic and easiest way to get thousands of hits on your site and dozens of authority backlinks. Focus your energies on the guest posting goldmine to see outstanding results. Happy marketing!