Griddle Vs. Grill


Grilling typically involves placing food on a grated surface then applying direct heat to the grill. Grate openings in the grill leave spaces that allow heat to come into direct contact with the food on the grill. Griddle pans differ from grills because they have solid flat cooking surfaces that do not have any grates.

What Are Griddles Used for?

Griddles provide heat across a large smooth flat surface. They can be used to cook foods that require a flat cooking surface with even heat distribution. Breakfast foods like eggs, sausages, pancakes, and bacon can be cooked on a griddle because there is a lot of space to cook many things at once and it is flat, unlike a grill. Griddle surfaces also provide an efficient cooking surface for cooking multiple things at once. For instance, when making burgers, you can cook your meat patties, brown your buns and fry your onions or mushrooms all on one surface.

Griddles Vs. Grills: Key Differences

The main difference between grills and griddles is the surface area. Grills have raised grates that allow direct heat to come into contact with the food being cooked. However, not all foods can be cooked on the ridged surface of a grill grate. A griddle provides a convenient alternative for foods that need to be cooked on a flat surface. The end result of cooking with a griddle instead of a grill will also be different.

A griddle allows food to cook in its own juices. This means more of the natural flavor is retained when using a griddle. When you use a grill, food juices drip through the grates so the food loses some of its natural flavor. However, grills allow food to acquire a smoky flavor and are therefore popular for barbecuing.

A griddle is typically used to cook food at lower cooking temperatures than a grill. Grate openings in a traditional grill mean that heat can come into direct contact with food enabling it to cook at a higher temperature. Grills are ideal for searing and scorching food such as steaks.

Can You Grill on a Griddle?

A griddle can be used to cook foods that you normally cook on a grill. Griddle pans can achieve the same temperature as grills so most foods that can be cooked on either surface. However, because a griddle does not have grates, you cannot achieve the scorching effect of a grill.

Griddles are generally more versatile than grills because most of the foods you can cook on a grill can be cooked on a griddle.

Types of Griddles

Freestanding Griddles

This type of griddle is large and comes with a stand and cart. Freestanding griddles are ideal for outdoor use.

Tabletop Griddles

This type of griddle is usually small and portable. Tabletop griddles can be used in the kitchen or outdoors since they are compact.

Insert Griddles

An insert griddle can be fitted onto different types of heating elements such as barbecues or gas cookers. This type of griddle is versatile and can be used to transform your regular grill or BBQ into a griddle.


A grill grate and a griddle cook at different temperatures and work best for different types of foods. Investing in a griddle will give you more options and provide a convenient solution for foods that cannot go on your grill.