Sunday, July 25, 2021
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Leverage GoTelecare Medical Billing Franchise Opportunity

Are you planning to start your own medical billing franchise but confused about where to begin? If yes GoTelecare is the perfect one stop destination catering to all your needs.

Why GoTelecare is the ideal destination for medical billing franchise opportunity?

Working with booth payers and providers for more than 10 years continuously, GoTelecare is a unique platform with a combination of telemedicine solutions and medical billing answers serving many leading names in the industry. Partnering with GoTelecare medical billing franchise for new aspirants looking to grow is a complete support platform that helps you kick start a successful business chance withthe highest creditability.

With proven strategies and back end support of complete marketing collaterals, customized presentation according to your requirement, we help you with leads with more possibility at no additional operational headache.

Mitigating the risk involves in the healthcare franchise business, our platform requires:

  • No previous training
  • No cost for training & installation of interface set-up.
  • No monthly royalty payments

Offering comprehensive medical billing support across the US, GoTelecare is the only platform working with both payers and providers and also whose entire sign up amount is exempt from taxes.

Helping you to work at your own convenient time at your convenient place, partnering with us is also a blessing of endless reward as with us you have the chance to earn more than $40,000 a month as residual income; which some of our best are earning.

In fact, some of our franchisees further have advantages as:

  • Our clients are covered under Hiscox insurance, with liability coverage of $1 million for any errors of omission and commission.
  • Any franchisee that signs up with us will be assigned a new franchisee with a dedicated sales assistant or lead generation expert
  • Provides you with expert strategies and plan of action for generation leads

So, if you are someone looking to make your name in the medical billing franchise business and better cash flow without anything to worry call our experts over a no commitment call.