The Google search engine launches a new security feature for its users. The company has announced the launch of a new technique to provide more information to people who want to access a link from this search engine, either through mobile phones or computers.
Google describes it as ” a quick way to get more information about your search results .” After carrying out a search on any subject and obtaining a series of results, a window can be displayed from the bottom of the screen by clicking on the menu of points of the chosen link.

Information about this link will appear in that window. Some of that information contains descriptions provided by Wikipedia. Google ensures that the data and explanations will be verified and up to date.
Google ensures that one of its objectives is to provide more “peace of mind” in the search for information, to know if we are going to enter a reliable website, if it is a paid advertisement, or if the site uses a secure HTTPS connection. They even indicate the complete URL to be able to verify that it does not have an error that reveals that it is a fake website or a scam.

In addition to computer security issues, this function could also serve as a tool against hoaxes and fake news . Google does not refer to this issue in its statement , but among the examples it offers you can see the search for medical topics on the COVID-19 pandemic and as indicated that the page The Lancet is “the best valued medical journal in the world” .

For now, the feature will be released for US users in English. You can consult this information both in the mobile application and in the browser for computers. There is no information on the date on which this novelty will make the jump to the international market.

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