Gift a Saregama Carvaan to Someone Special

Saregama Mini Carvaan

There was a time when people used to hang on to their transistors to be able to relish the melodious voices of the era while going about their daily chores. However, it required batteries which had a short life and needed to be changed frequently, which is why people welcomed the introduction of cassettes, CDs and DVD players. 

The latest device to make a foray has brought back the good old transistor, but with a modern twist. Christened as Saregama Mini Carvaan, it is a contemporary digital device that strongly resembles a transistor and plays non-stop vintage music.

Launched in 2017, the Saregama Carvaan is a hi-tech portable device which serves the dual purpose of being an audio player as also a cache containing diverse genres of Indian music ranging from solo songs to narrations. So, if the special someone in your life is particularly fond of retro Indian music, then Saregama Carvaan Hindi could prove to be a perfect gift. 

One of the reasons the Saregama Mini Carvaan won the ‘Innovation of the Year’ award is because the concept encompasses several genres and covers almost every well-known artist of the era which is popularly referred to as the Golden Age of Indian Music. Therefore, you have a variety of collections to choose from, as per the personal preference of the recipient. For someone who loves listening to Lata Mangeshkar, Kishore Kumar or Jagjit Singh, the normal Carvaan Hindi, or the premium, gold or mini versions. Likewise, someone who upholds prayers would love the Carvaan Gurbani, and those who stick to regional languages would enjoy the Marathi, Tamil or Bengali Carvaan. 

Using the Saregama Mini Carvaan

Assuming that you have purchased a Carvaan Hindi as a gift for the special someone in your life, the next step entails learning how to use it. Listed as follows are steps that you must carry out to derive the most from the device – 

  • Start by plugging one end of the adaptor cable into the power socket and the other end into the USB port provided at the back of the device;
  • Charge the device by flicking on the switch, which will cause the light indicator near the power button to be lit;
  • When the device is fully charged, the light goes off automatically, and you can proceed to listen to your favourite tracks;
  • A fully-charged device lasts for up to five hours wherein you can switch between the various pre-loaded options;
  • Alternatively, you can listen to FM, or use the Bluetooth connectivity and USB device to enjoy your collection of music;

Making the most of the Carvaan Hindi

Discussed as follows are pointers that enable you to make the best of the device – 

  • While it does not allow you to upload any new songs to add to the pre-loaded collection, it does allow you to use a USB port to listen to a fresh set of tracks. All you need to do is copy the songs onto the USB, and then use the same on the device. 
  • Connect it to your phone’s Bluetooth by switching on the button on the device, and then selecting the same on the phone when it shows up. 
  • On the side panel, there is an FM button which gets activated on being pressed, after which you can turn the knob and adjust the channel frequency as per your preference. 

Final thoughts

Versatile that this device, the Saregama Mini Carvaan has evolved into every music lover’s dream, particularly because it facilitates listening anytime and anywhere. Regardless of whether you are at home, working at your desk or trekking, the Carvaan Hindi can prove to be your all-time companion. 

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