Get the Following 4 Accessories for This Elite Force Gen3 Glock 19 Airsoft Pistol


The Elite Force Gen3 Glock 19 Airsoft Pistol available online at MiR Tactical ( right now is in a class of its own for looks, class, ergonomics, and functionality. Its silky-smooth blowback action is both lightning fast, low on recoil, and a joy to shoot. The fact that it takes green gas is even better.

It also features top-tier construction from premium materials, with a tough polymer construction and a durable metal slide. It’s also officially licensed by Glock and bears official Glock trademarks. With crazy-fast cycling speed and capable of attaining muzzle velocities of up to 300 FPS with certain 6mm airsoft BBs, it’s an Elite Force Glock you can carry proudly into the field.

Yet this gas blowback airsoft pistol also sports a short length of rail forward of the trigger guard under the slide and only comes with a 21 round mag that you could burn through in a few seconds if you tried. It begs for accessorization.

On that note, get these.

1.Elite Force Glock 19 Airsoft Magazine
While there are plenty of other Glock Replicas you can get that have extended capacity, another spare mag like this one (or a few of them) will serve you well. You might be thinking “why would I want to get just one more extended mag?” Well, because two are better than one. But we don’t think you should get one more. Get like three, load them, and hit the match with them in your vest.

There are other, much larger drum mags you can get online at MiR Tactical, but they’re heavy, unwieldy, shift the balance of the gun, and are hard to carry in a holster. Pick up a few of these online at MiRTactical.

2.M12 Airsoft Speedloader with a Sound Dampening Buff
It’s thin, lightweight, will take up almost no space on your vest, and will prove invaluable in a match, especially when those little, low-capacity Glock 19 Gen3 mags run dry. It even has a sound dampener so you can keep your location a secret. The best part – you can use it on other, higher-capacity mags, like those you use with your AEG.

3.CYTAC Molded Glock Holster
This lightweight, extremely tough molded holster is actually designed for more than one type of Glock airsoft replica, but it will work for this Glock 19 Gen 3 Airsoft pistol. It features a locking swivel so you can adjust how this Glock G19 rides on your body in addition to an integrated locking button for solid retention. It won’t compromise access to your airsoft gun either.

4.Gen3 Pistol Flashlight with Strobe and Green Laser
Since you have such limited space on the rail along the bottom of the slide, you might have been thinking you’d have to make hard choices about just what accessory you can mount there. This unique little shooting light and laser combo take the hard work out of the decision-making process.

It features a tactical light, a strobe, and an adjustable green laser. With it, you’ll have unrivaled visibility in the dark as well as a bolstered ability to make quick, reflexive shots – and, since it mounts under the barrel, you can potentially still mount a red dot over the slide if you like.

You can pick up all of these Glock 19 Airsoft pistol accessories online right now at, at great prices. They even offer a price match and low, flat rate shipping.

MiR Tactical also carries a variety of other fully licensed Glock Replicas, both green gas and CO2 powered. Whether you’re looking for a different Elite Force airsoft pistol, like a Glock 17, or one from a different producer, visit their website today or call them at 800-581-6620.

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