Get More Instagram Video Views


Once started as a photo app, Instagram has for some time been increasingly responding to the wishes of its users to be able to upload and view moving images and videos. However, it is precisely when uploading videos that the wheat is separated from the chaff. Because while with private Instagram accounts it is simply the fun that counts when you share videos with friends, Instagram followers with whom you want to establish a business or professional relationship are not exactly inspired by it. Here it is important to first develop a strategy to get more Instagram video views.

Follow a strategy suitable for Instagram

basic questions to get more video views should therefore be:

• Who and what do I want to reach with my account?

• What content do I have to share and which hashtags do I use in order to achieve these goals?

Instead of generating random content, proceed as follows: Find the hashtags on Instagram that make sense for your purposes. And only then do you create the appropriate content. With this strategy you not only avoid your profile becoming a hodgepodge without a clearly identifiable focus. You will also qualify for specific topics and the hashtag search that is so important on Instagram.

Offer exciting and high quality content

Always provided, of course, that your videos are of the appropriate quality and high added value. Because you should also make this clear in advance: Most users follow a few hundred accounts on Instagram. So you scroll through all the posts every day and will only click on what interests you at first glance. Even the start image of your video must attract the attention of your followers so that they can watch the entire video and make the desired interaction.

To achieve this goal, the use of the Instagram app offers too few functions, which is why you should ideally familiarize yourself with other video apps. For example, iMovie, InShot are possibleor Boomerang, with which your recordings can be edited and enhanced with effects.

Convey clear messages in entertaining stories

Not only must the quality and design be right, the message must also be conveyed appropriately. In principle, tutorials, for example, are more suitable for channels like YouTube. Instagram is more about creating incentives to access your landing pages or other channels. It is therefore particularly important not just to string together pictures, but to tell a short story. Their message must be clear, but at the same time stimulate the desire to see or experience more.

Ideally, the story is also rounded in itself and returns to the starting point at the end. Because that tempts you to look at it a second time. And thus increases the number of views that are displayed to other users. However, if a video has already been viewed multiple times. The chance increases that other users will also be interested in it.

Take into account the law of large numbers of clicks

Instagram followers are easier to come by than Facebook friends or YouTube subscribers. However, they also quickly exit if they are no longer interested in an account. If you are still struggling to get more Instagram video views, it can be helpful to temporarily control the number of clicks by buying Instagram Followers. This increases the number of hits and thus the interest of users who want to know why a video was clicked so often. If their expectations are met by exciting content . And the right hashtags, the chance that they will remain loyal to your account in the long term increases.

We would be happy to help you implement this solution.