Get More Information About Rain gun sprinkler

Rain gun sprinkler

The rain gun sprinkler is a device whose performance is high when used for micro-irrigation purposes. The use of the rain gun sprinkler is to perform many functions and applications where water flows highly. They irrigate large fields at once. The features of the gun areas listed below

It has an adjustable jet breaker.

This breaker allows the adjustment of the droplet size and the effect of adjusting for some delicate crops hence providing uniform irrigation.

It comprises interchangeable nozzles.

These nozzles provide flexibility when irrigating the crops. Also, these interchangeable nozzles are suitable for all types of soils and their stages.

Applications of the rain gun sprinkler

  • Used in suppressing dust in mining areas and some thermal power stations
  • The rain gun sprinkler’s use is irrigating fodder crops and some green pastures. It is efficient in irrigation because it covers an area that is around one acre and sprinkles in within three hours.
  • They are used in coffee plantations and tea plantations because they are easy to install, resist corrosion, and their performance is high.
  • They are also of use in irrigating field crops, e.g., sugarcane, because they have fertilizer tanks that contain fertilizers in them; hence can be easily applied when spraying crops.

Precautions one should consider when installing the rain gun sprinkler

In establishing the gun sprinkler, you should tighten it to the tripod. It would be best if you made the adjustment arc with the help of the rings that adjust at the bottom. Also, the size of the nozzle must be according to the designed rate. When sprinkling in rotation, the one sprinkling should be a way to avoid being harmed from the fast spin.

The advantages and disadvantages of the rain gun sprinkler

The gun is affordable in terms of price, and also it is easy to use and set up. In terms of water measurements, it is easier. The type of mechanization is also easy and is automated; hence the rain gun sprinkler price in Kenya may differ. The interference when cultivating is less and less land goes a loss. High applications are always accomplished with it also.

Some of the disadvantages include:

Sometimes, the cost of operating the machine is high, and water may drift when it is windy. A lot of stable water is needed to run the engine, water that is saline may cause problems with the machine, and the water must always be free of sand and other debris.

Benefits of the rain gun machine

The gun is portable since two or three men can carry it to new locations in a few minutes. Its weight is also light when considered to other types of guns. They are very resistant to rust and corrosion also. It also saves time and labor. It produces quality irrigation also.


As per the above descriptions, for any farmer who is about or planning to buy a rain gun sprinkler, this is the best one because the benefits and advantages are more than their disadvantages. Their cost is slightly lower than the other types of guns also. The methods of installing this machine are straightforward and fewer skills.