Moving House? Get Furniture Removals London With These Tips

Furniture Removals London
Furniture Removals London

Are you moving house soon? Congrats! It is an exciting time. But with so many other things to think about, moving can also feel quite overwhelming. Moving is stressful, expensive, and demanding all at the same time. It is a lot to take in, especially if it is your first time doing it. The good news is that you have read this article and we are going to help take some of the stress off your shoulders by giving you some moving tips. So, from finding furniture removals London to useful packing hacks, we will guide you! Let’s get started:

Hiring Professional Help For Furniture Removals London

Before the move, it is important to note that if your move is large or complicated enough, it is worthwhile to hire professional furniture removals to help. No matter how much you plan, you can’t know for sure how your moving day will go. You might have underestimated how much furniture or stuff you have, you might have overestimated how quickly you can move things out of your old home and into your new one. 

Also, you might not have given yourself enough time to get everything done. Rather than stressing yourself out and making the situation worse, it is far better to hire a local self-storage company and get your stuff in there until you are ready to move it out again.

Important Things To Remember

  • If you are moving during the winter, make sure you have a plan in place to deal with icy conditions.
  • But, if you are moving during the summer, keep hydrated and have a plan in place for dealing with the heat.
  • Remember to keep your car charged. You don’t want to get caught in a situation where your car runs out of charge and you need to call for roadside assistance.  
  • Keep your phone charged and always have a car charger in the car as well.
  • Keep your gas tank full at all times. Driving with a half-full tank is a risk, and you don’t want to get stuck somewhere because you’re low on gas.
  • Keep track of your belongings. Put everything in labeled boxes so that you know what is in each box, and don’t forget about the small things you might not have put in a box!
  • You don’t want to get your new place dirty. Wearing old clothes that you don’t mind getting dirty is a good idea, as is wearing old shoes.

Checklist For Moving Day

  • Get there early enough to park your car in a safe place. It’s important not to block other people’s driveways or entrances.
  • Get enough people to help you with moving. Remember, you don’t have to do this alone!
  • Put all your belongings in labeled boxes so that you know where everything is and which room each box is supposed to go to.
  • Make sure you have cash on you for food, drinks, and tips for the helpers. You don’t want to get caught without anything to give them if you finish early.
  • Make sure you have your phone fully charged and that you have a WiFi hotspot if you want to use your phone for GPS.
  • You have everything you need for the move. Don’t forget about the small things!

Don’t Forget The Small Things

Make sure you have the number of your nearest police station, your insurance company, and emergency contact numbers written down so that you don’t forget them during the chaos of the move.

If you are moving with kids, make sure you have plenty of toys and activities for them to do during the move. This can help keep them calm and happy, and make the whole process a lot easier for everyone!

Don’t forget about your pets either! You need to make sure they have food, water, and a clean place to go to the bathroom. You also need to make sure they can’t escape from the house or yard during the move.

Final Words

Moving house is a big, stressful undertaking, but it doesn’t have to be. Follow these tips and you should be able to move with ease and without too much stress. The expert furniture removals London will efficiently move your furniture and belongings. So, you don’t need to take any stress off!