Sony-Canon ‘Full-Frame Mirrorless’ battle heats up

Full-Frame Mirrorless

Sony and Canon are competing fiercely for the mirrorless market. Which has become the last beacon of the camera industry. The competition for flagship mirrorless products, which combines. The capabilities of the traditional powerhouse Canon and the mirrorless powerhouse Sony draws attention.

The monster mirrorless  with the best performance ever launched

Sony’s new flagship Full-Frame Mirrorless. The a1, is equipped with a newly developed 51-megapixel 35mm full-frame stacked back-illuminated ‘Exmore R5’ CMOS sensor. The a1 is a product that combines Sony’s capabilities. Which opened the full-frame mirrorless era with confidence in its sensor, so it has powerful resolution, AF performance, and 8K video recording function.

The a1 realizes fast and accurate ‘real-time tracking AF’ with. Up to 120 autofocus (AF) and auto exposure (AE) calculations per second through the ‘Bions XR’ image processor, which is 8 times faster than before. In addition, continuous shooting at 30 frames per second (fps) is possible, and it supports 8K 30p 10-bit 4:2:0 shooting for the first time in the Alpha series.

The selling price of the a1 is 7.98 million. it will be officially sold through Sony USA online and offline official stores from the 17th. Purchasers of this pre-order can receive the Peak Design Slide Light Strap Alpha Edition as a gift.

See and feel the ‘EOS R5’ 8K video for yourself

Canon EOS R5 vlogging camera with flip screen has become a latecomer in the full-frame mirrorless market. But as a strong player in the camera market. It is chasing Sony recently.

According to foreign media, Canon is expected to release a variety of new mirrorless products. Such as flagship full-frame mirrorless EOS R1. Which will compete with Sony a1 this year, as well as high-pixel models and entry models, so competition with Sony is expected to intensify.

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In Usa, the competition was waged through ‘experiential marketing’ where customers could directly touch the product and check its performance. On this day, Canon USA Consumer Imaging announced that it had newly opened the ‘EOS R System Zone’ on. The second floor of its flagship store ‘Canonplex’.

The EOS R System Zone. Which was nested in Canonplex, which was expanded and relocated to Bongeunsa-Ro. Gangnam-gu last year, is a space. Where accessories related to Canon’s full-frame mirrorless brand EOS R Best Best point and shoot film camera and ‘EOS R’ system are displayed, allowing customers to experience and purchase products.

Canon’s lens lineup at a glance by arranging 5 types of EOS R system bodies. From ‘EOS R5’ capable of shooting 8K high-resolution video, to EOS R6, EOS R, EOS RP, and. EOS Ra, as well as a dedicated RF lens lineup and EF lens group. You can check it out and experience it for yourself.

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we prepared a space where you can directly check the 8K video content shot with. The EOS R5, which has the best resolution and video performance among Canon cameras. By installing a TV capable of outputting 8K video, you can check the detailed image quality and. Contrast expression of the 8K video recorded with the Digital camera.

On one side of the exhibition hall, there is a color chart. And a resolution chart, so users can directly experience the camera’s low-light detection performance. Dual-pixel CMOS AF live view shooting performance.