Formulation 101: What Is a Formulation Company?

Formulation 101: What Is a Formulation Company?

The pharmaceutical industry has grown to a value of over $1,200 billion in 2021. With such profitability, you need a lot of coordination as well as thought-out logistics. 

For drugs to be as safe as possible for their consumers, you need proper planning as to what the drug will look like and what it will do. That’s where drug formulation comes in.

But what really is drug formulation, and what does a formulation company do?

That’s what we’re here to look at today. Read on to find out more about drug formulation companies.

What Is Formulation?

Drug formulation is also known as pharmaceutical formulation and is the process of combining ingredients together to create a suitable drug for consumers.

In other words, a variety of substances are combined to form the drug’s active pharmaceutical ingredient or API. These are used to form a drug that can

What Is a Formulation Company?

Formulation companies are organizations that see the entire formulation process through from the beginning of production all the way to the end.

Many are content with overseeing a single part of a drug’s production and passing them on to other companies for completion. Formulation companies see it through to the end, ensuring consistency throughout the process. 

What Goes Into Drug Formulation?

Drug formulation is focused on designing and producing drugs that are eventually sold to patients while labeled as pharmaceuticals. Drug’s active ingredients are created by combining different ingredients together.

The chemical produced during this process, the API, has a specific intended effect on the patients the drug is aimed towards. However, it’s not always about the chemicals.

Many take careful considerations about the shape, size, and even physical form that a drug will take. Whether it be solid, semi-solid, or liquid, determining the form is a crucial part of this process.

What drug form will be the least disruptive for the patient? How many dosages will the drug require? What age group will be taking them?

Being able to take these factors into consideration and implement it in the process is a key step that goes into drug formulation. 

What Drug Forms Are Available?

This is a question many people ask drug formulation companies. The answer will really depend on the client and what the company is able to do.

Most will take a look at the factors we mentioned above (age group of patients, number of doses, etc.) and create a product that adheres to those principles.

In terms of what forms the drugs will come in, they’re mostly what you’d expect when you hear the term “drugs” or “pills.” Solid drugs often come in capsules, tablets, and other forms.

Liquid drugs might come with sweeteners or sugars to make them easier to swallow. Topical drugs, like creams or eye drops, are also popular drug forms. 

Preformulation is, therefore, a key step in determining what forms these drugs take. Custom formulation services are often offered by companies to properly suit your needs.

Leverage Drug Formulation Companies Today

The pharmaceutical landscape is changing, and you’ll need the right medications to treat all your patients. A drug formulation company is an answer to many of your pharmaceutical needs, now and into the future.

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