How To Format A USB Drive To Be Compatible With Mac And Windows?

How To Format A USB Drive

How To Format A USB Drive To Be Compatible With Mac And Windows? The flash drive has started playing USB with which you usually store working documents? Is copying slowed down and data transfer occasionally interrupted by strange error messages? If your USB device is not damaged by hardware, you can try to solve all these problems in a good format, a bit like a computer. How do you agree with me, but you have no idea how to make a USB memory format? Well, you don’t have to worry … I can explain everything step by step.

Yes, I know, said in this way, that it can seem like a complicated thing, almost impossible for those who still don’t chew on computer science. But not! I assure you that deleting all content from a USB memory and format is very simple, regardless of whether the operating system installed on your computer is windows on the OS. Anyway, don’t worry, I’ll explain everything in detail.

But now, call the conversation, and let’s get to work right away. Come on, take five minutes of free time and discover with me how to format a USB stick. I have no doubt that everything will be fine and that, if necessary, he will be ready and available to explain to his friends that they need similar advice on how to do it.

If you frequently switch from Mac to Windows, you may have noticed some USB flash drive compatibility issues. Certain disk formats work on only one of two operating systems: NTFS on Windows, HFS + on Mac…

To shorten compatibility issues, it is recommended to format the USB key in exFAT: following this guide your key will be available to read and write on a Mac, as well as on Windows.

How To Format A USB Drive In EkFAT

Pre-save files from the USB key to another drive (for example, on a computer). This is because all the contents of the key will be deleted during formatting.

  • Press Cmd + Spacebar at the same time to open Spotlight.
  • Enter Disk Utility and run the utility.
  • Click on the volume to format in the left column.
  • Click the Clear button .
  • In the Format setting, select EkFAT .
  • Click Clear .
  • Wait until Disk Utility finishes formatting the USB disk.

The advantage of the ekFAT format is that there are no file size limits. However, not all multimedia devices such as boxes, game consoles, smart TVs recognize it … If you need a USB key compatible with these devices, it is better to format your USB key in FAT32.