For The Success Of IVF, Both Couples & Doctors Have To Work Together


I completely agree how distressing it becomes when the couple does not find themselves emerging successful in the attempts of trying for conception. According to a Gynecologist in Bathinda, “ Many of the couples do not visit the IVF Centre in Punjab even though they are infertile. Sometimes it is the fear of the social mockings and another timesheet is the presumptions about the costs that start to haunt a person.”

But how can couples think of the costs to be high even when they have not consulted the fertility experts of an IVF Centre about the cost and the procedure.

Anyways, IVF is not a procedure for which only doctors are to be held responsible. The couples who are undergoing it are equally responsible for the same.

Preparations Before IVF

Some couples think, “They would go to the IVF Centre, get the procedure done and return home.” No, my dear, IVF is not so easy. It requires you as well to do some effort in the form of preparations and aftercare. Sticking to the relevancy of the heading, we are going to discuss only the preparations before the IVF procedure:

  • Must maintain a good body weight

It is necessary for every couple who are willing to undergo an IVF procedure to maintain an ideal weight. They should neither be underweight nor overweight. Both conditions increase your chances of miscarriage. So a little delay in conception is better than a miscarriage.

  • Switch to a nutritional diet

Motherhood gives you so many pleasant feelings. But there is always a cost for something good. The same is the case with motherhood. For those pleasant things, you have to compromise a lot of the things like:

  • You have to avoid junk food strictly
  • Stop intaking alcohol or cigarettes even in moderation. These cause severe harm to your baby.
  • Do not do heavy weight lifting activities.
  • If you are a gym freak, then you must switch to light exercises.

A Couple’s Role In The Aftercare Of IVF Procedure

Once the embryo implantation is done and the successful results of the pregnancy are gained, then the other thing which requires the cooperation of the couple is the aftercare of the IVF procedure:

Rest is a must, But not bed rest

It is necessary for a woman who has undergone IVF to do rest. But it is not at all suggested to do complete bed rest. Rest is said in the sense that a woman is expected to avoid 50% of her total workload. It will give her body the right atmosphere for embryo growth and thus a healthy pregnancy.

You must not lift heavy things

Lifting heavy things may cause you to lose your embryo or there would be chances for the embryo to stop growing. If you do heavy weight lifting as a part of your exercise, then you must switch to light exercises. You can do yoga and meditation. These are no less in their effectiveness.