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Five ways to protect your teeth and gums

We all want to make sure our teeth remain healthy, as well as our gums. You might think that it is as easy as brushing your teeth but, there is far more to it than that. It is important you know the different ways to keeping your mouth healthy so your dentist trip is not too expensive. 

Brush at least two times a day

It is very important to brush your teeth when you wake up before you go out and before you go to bed. The reason why you brush your teeth when you wake up in the morning is to get rid of morning breath. The reason why you brush your teeth before bed is to get rid of any leftover food on your teeth. As well as to get rid of any sugar that stays on your teeth. 

If you do not brush your teeth regularly then, your teeth could slowly turn yellow due to the build-up of plaque. If not, then you might need Invisalign treatment later on in life. 

The importance of brushing in the morning 

Like mentioned earlier, brushing your teeth in the morning is to get rid of your morning breath. The reason why you can have morning breath is that there is a build of plaque in your mouth. 

You are keeping your mouth in the same position so, this allows a build-up of plaque in your mouth. The plaque will gradually build up, which eventually hardens. These can lead to gum disease which is another cause of bad breath. Not to mention it will make the job difficult for your dentist when you next visit. 

You can either brush after your morning meal or before it. It just depends on what you prefer. Either way, make sure you brush before you leave the house. 

Avoid over brushing

Over brushing can be bad for your teeth over the long term. You can wear down the enamel layer which, is what protects your teeth. So, if you wear down the enamel, that can lead to your teeth being extremely weak in the long run. 

The loss of teeth enamel exposes a layer of dentin. These are tiny holes that lead to your nerve endings and exposing them can make your teeth sensitive. This is something you do not want as it can lead to unbearable pain and toothache.

Try to floss your teeth

Flossing your teeth regularly is good, so try and do it at least once a day. Flossing is good because it reaches the spots that your normal toothbrush would not reach. Flossing can also remove the plaque and prevent the buildup of tartar. You can brush plaque away but a dentist will need to remove tartar. 


Mouthwash is another great way to get rid of the plaque that is missed by your toothbrush. It is recommended that you use mouthwash on a regular basis because it helps prevent gum disease. 

There are also many other positives out there such as reducing bad breath. As well as keeping away tooth decay. Mouthwash is definitely something you should include in your morning routine if you do not already. 


Keeping your teeth healthy as well as your gums are crucial and can be done easily. If you do not keep on top of your oral health then you could pay the consequences later on in life.